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Travel to Pacifica


By Noel Daniel

Do you dream of being by the sea all times of year? This winter, Pacifica, California might be the perfect place for you—just make sure to dress warm.

Pacifica Municipal Pier ||  2100 Beach Blvd., Pacifica

Pacifica Pier also the perfect place to catch the sunset or do some whale watching. The Pier stretches out over the Pacific, giving great vistas and great fishing. If you want to make an afternoon of it, there’s a snack shack that serves up hot beverages and various snacks right at the entrance. No fishing license is required for the pier, but even if you don’t fish, we still recommend the walk. There are plenty of Pokemon! But if you want more crabs than Krabbys, crab season on the pier usually starts the first Saturday of November—but the actual date varies from year to year. Please check with the local bait shops for rules and regulations.


Shelldance Orchid Gardens || 2000 Hwy 1., Pacifica

A visit to Shelldance Orchid Gardens can be like an adventure—with roomfuls of beautiful orchids and accessories and a variety of greenhouses, this destination is a breathtaking step away from the chaos of the concrete jungle. Walk through the greenhouses and take in the countless succulents or step out to look over Pacifica’s horizon. This nursery is only open to the public during the weekends. A visit can easily take an hour, but if you’d like it to take longer, feel free to meander toward Sweeney Ridge at the end of the parking lot.

Sweeney Ridge Trail Golden || Gate National Recreation Area, Pacifica

Just past the Shelldance Orchid Gardens is the entrance to Sweeney Ridge Trail, a hike that promises trees, coastal shrubs, and priceless views of the Pacific Ocean. The path is nearly as wide as a car with no side trails, and the hike stays mostly level. It’s all for taking in the beauty of the area.


Pacifica Arts Center || 1220 Linda Mar Blvd., Pacifica

Take a trip down to Linda Mar Blvd. for a local treasure. The Pacifica Arts Center features public showings and the art is always wonderful to behold. In addition to this, the Mildred Owen Performing Arts Center hosts a repertoire of outstanding musicians on most weekends. The theatre is inexpensive and a nice, intimate environment that’d be perfect for a family trip.

Sanchez Adobe Park || 1000 Linda Mar Blvd., Pacifica

This two-story Spanish style adobe is the second oldest home in the county and played a role in mission history. These days, it’s a beautiful spot for learning how the Bay Area was colonized. Visit the museum to see the exhibits, walk the grounds, and soak in the atmosphere of a time long past. After all, we think the best vacation spots are the ones that make you think.

Pacifica Taco Bell || 5200 Coast Hwy., Pacifica

Our final stop might seem a little unorthodox for a vacation, but trust us. This Taco Bell is sometimes called “The Greatest Taco Bell in the World,” and between its location right on the beach, rustic wooden aesthetic, beautifully-designed interior, and casual walk-up window, we can see where they’re coming from. Stop in for a Chalupa and drink in the masterful mountain range and beach vistas to either side of the restaurant.

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