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Thrift FassionIf you’re a follower of fashion, you might already know that fashion reflects society. From our culture to our economy, it’s all expressed in fashion. This season, that expression is all about economical choices, celebration and black and white. Every corner of the country is seeing thrift stores pop up quicker than our favorite high priced coffee houses, and clearance racks are wiped clean faster than you can shout "Sale"!

The past few years, "thrifting" has become a weekend highlight for people, including many right here in the Central Valley.

Want to ensure your thrifting adventure fills your closet with choices you’ll really want to wear? Follow these simple tips: seek out vibrancy; go for black and white; and don’t forget the staple pieces. Chances are you’ll find that not only do you end up with some enviable clothes, but you’ll also have more money in your wallet!

Here are some haute items that we found when we went popping tags in the Central Valley.

Thrift Fassion» Whether you are attending a performance at your local theater or simply having an elegant dinner, black and white is more than just classic, it is a staple! The chiffon draped skirt works with any top, and any color, whereas the white button shirt brings a sense of casualness to the ensemble.


« A cobalt skirt with a coral burron accented top is simple yet vibrant. Add a printed handbag, and oversized necklace, and you've got yourself a look that takes you through the day!



Featured Looks: Sacred Heart Thrift Shop. 1388 East Ave. Turlock, CA 95380

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