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The Soup Girl


By Jacqui D. Sinarle

The Soup Girl serves “from her heart to your belly.”

Nothing tastes better than a warming mug of homemade soup on a cold winter day. But what if you don’t feel like shopping for fresh ingredients and slaving over a hot stove? Just contact the Soup Girl for one of her mouthwatering creations!

“I have always loved cooking and soup,” said Soup Girl proprietor and curator of crafty soups, Gabrielle Akin. “Soup is nourishing and comforting, like getting a warm hug from your mom.”

Since Akin launched the enterprise in fall 2014 with the tagline: “From my heart to your belly,” her business quite literally grew by word of mouth.

It’s easy to see why. Over the past few months, the Soup Girl has featured tasty and diverse selections like butternut squash soup with smoky and spicy chipotle crema; split pea with ham soup and bruschetta topped with grilled pear, Gouda cheese and a drizzle of local honey; albondigas accompanied by guacamole bruschetta; and Vietnamese beef stew.

Talk about mmm-mmm-good!

“I offer one soup a week and homemade sourdough garlic croutons,” said Akin.

There’s often toasted bread with a unique topping (bruschetta), as well. “Two of my most popular soups are classic French onion soup with garlic-rubbed crostini topped with broiled Swiss cheese, and stuffed bell pepper soup.”

Akin tweaks every recipe with a delectable twist.

“You’ll often find a hint of cayenne pepper in my cream-based soups and fresh citrus zest in my split pea with smoked ham soup,” said Akin, who is a fan of using local, organic ingredients, fresh herbs, and citrus.

Soup season begins in September and ends in May. One quart of soup costs about $14 depending on the ingredients, croutons are $3 per bag, and bruschetta is $6 to $8 for six pieces.

“I never have a calendar of upcoming soups,” admitted Akin. “I decide on the soup intuitively. Sometimes it depends on whether a holiday is coming up or has just passed, but mostly it depends on the weather and what type of mood I’m in.”

Good news for soup lovers: It’s always delicious!

The Soup Girl accepts orders via Facebook and test. For prices and information about ordering and pick-ups visit




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