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The Christmas Tree Farm


By Noel Daniel

There’s a family togetherness  that comes in making your own crafts—whether it’s painted ornaments, fudge, or tinsel. The only exception is typically your Christmas tree, bought from a lot. If the lack of do-it-yourself glamor in a pre-cut tree has you fretting over your eggnog, then there’s an easy solution: Come & Cut Christmas Trees.

The tree business on 5406 Milnes Road in Modesto was started in 2006. In the beginning, they only had 400 trees—a small number compared to the 4,000 they grow now. The lot is large enough to accommodate the whole family. Both parking and entrance are free to the public. Saws are provided, and cameras to capture the memories are more than welcome.

shutterstock_241099933“We provide the saws and we will help cut down trees for those who can’t manage to do it on their own,” Lorraine Nicholson, the owner, said. “It’s just a good family event.”

All trees and sizes come at a flat rate of $40, making Come & Cut Christmas Trees a fun and affordable experience. If you’re bringing the family, make sure to stop by the Nativity stable, a fairly new attraction with signs to lead the way. There are also extra green boughs for wreath-making.

Nicholson warns that there’s a likelihood the stock could run out in as little as three weeks, so make sure to stop by and make your selection as soon as possible. It will give you an excuse to decorate for Christmas earlier.

There are four varieties of Christmas Trees to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. The Monterey Pine has the most stock, is incredibly fragrant, bushy and can grow up to 15 feet tall. The Cedar is a little shorter and well-branched with a flat fan of green needles. The Giant Sequoia is very similar in size, but with shorter needles and less fragrance than the other two.

For those with allergies, choose the Leyland Cypress Christmas Tree. It, too, can grow to 15 feet tall and has a light fragrance. Its branches are upright and have a pleasantly feathery appearance with dark green foliage.

For More Information, or to Take a Look at Some of the Trees Available, visit

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