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In May and June, people nationwide set aside time to celebrate the great mothers and fathers who helped make them the people they are. But here at Contentment Health, this time of year always comes with a special challenge: how can we find great local gifts that go beyond the necktie/cut

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When it comes to success stories, Stanislaus County has had more than its fair share. From movie stars and star directors to legendary athletes, our county has racked up plenty of cause to brag about our native sons and daughters over the last century. But when you think of inspirational

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If you spotted a piece of Birch: Handcrafted Wearables jewelry on the street, you’d probably think that the wearer had purchased it at a high-end store like Anthropologie. In reality, the business is a one-woman operation run out of a Turlock home – but looking at the quality and style

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featured-aestheticsIssue 10

When David Darmstandler and James Bates, co-founders of DataPath, approached local designer Adam Soares about bringing their 30-year-old office building into the 21st century, he brought back plans for a nice, clean, professional space that would have made any ordinary business owners happy. The problem was, lifelong friends Darmstandler and

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Here’s a little-known fact: there are more than 70 design-related businesses and restaurants tucked in just a few blocks of downtown Modesto between 10th Street and 16th from I Street to K.   But if Bob Barzan gets his way, this fact will soon be known much more widely. Barzan,

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As children, our generation was taught how to speak to others. We were taught to say please and thank you and, depending on our culture, whether or not we were to make direct eye contact when speaking with adults.  We were encouraged to say nice things about others and not

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At La Mo Café in Turlock, food is a family affair – often quite literally. The three co-owners, Gloria Smallwood, Brityn Butrick and Hillary Smith are a mother-daughter team who began the venture two and a half years ago as a side project. At the time, Smallwood and Butrick were

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I owe a lot to music. Many of my school experiences centered around my musical education. Throughout elementary, middle and high school, I participated heavily in my New York public school’s music educational programs. Whether it was orchestra, violin lessons, chorus, band or musical theater, I was constantly involved with

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Issue 10
cover-storyIssue 10

Here in Stanislaus County, our agricultural roots run deep. But what does this agricultural connection mean when the food we buy in stores and are served at local restaurants is shipped in from other places in the world?    The rise of the global food trade over the last century

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