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featured-food-and-winefood and wineIssue 36

By Wes Crandall. The versatility of the sweet potato makes it yummy for any season. And there are hundreds of cultures over thousands of years who would agree.

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food and wineIssue 29

By Ashley Stinson Middle eastern peoples learned to cultivate figs more than ten thousand years ago, a full millennium before cultivating other plants such as wheat and barley. If you’ve ever had a ripe summer fig, I think you’d understand where they were coming from. The first figs brought to

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featured-food-and-winefood and wineIssue 25

  By Noel Daniel As winter settles in, it seems like most of the years’ fruits go out, except for the sweet, tangy, and festively bright pomegranate. In Ancient Egypt, the pomegranate was a symbol of prosperity. In Ancient Greece, the pomegranate symbolized the lean winter months when Demeter, the

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