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The Summer’s Hottest Trends

Trends In: Buying and Selling a Home

For some, it’s a far-flung dream with countless Pinterest boards dedicated to it. For others, it’s an impending reality, with words like HOA and mortgages popping up more in conversation. No matter if your home dreams are near or far, it’s never too early to know what you are looking for in your dream home.

“In years past we had many first-time buyers looking for a fixer but, with HGTV and other shows, it has become a popular trend for them to seek out flips or homes that are move-in ready,” said Lori Adams of TLC Real Estate.

If you’re the type of buyer—or seller—who’s looking for what’s trending in home styles right now, TLC Real Estate advises to look for wood-tile floors and all laminates. Painted oak cabinets are in, too—because no one likes the 90’s oak in the kitchen. Stainless steel has been popular for many years, and shows no signs of slowing down.

“We see sellers expecting multiple offers and who are willing to work to get their homes in great shape before going on the market. They realize there is money on the table,” Adams explains about the importance of staying on trend in home-selling.

Though homebuyers are getting more picky, it doesn’t mean sellers should bend over backwards. Adams has also noticed a trend in sellers rejecting the more ridiculous requests that buyers will occasionally make.

“Even though prices have been going up, in many cases, it is still an equilibrium market with give and take on both sides,” said Adams.

This game of give and take can seem confusing and overwhelming at the best of times—but that’s why there are real estate agencies like the TLC Real Estate Team. With over 25 years of combined real estate experience, Lori Adams and Lori Little have built a real estate legacy and have established themselves as the number one team in the Manteca and Ripon area.


Trends In Furniture: Bring in Some Color

Trying to give your living space a face lift? Well you can start by getting rid of those matching oak furniture sets. Breathe new life into your home by giving it some color.

“Color is a personal choice,” said Jennifer Williams, owner of Crow Trading. “It’s really about what works for you in your home. Where a tall high gloss dark teal blue cabinet is the perfect balance for one home, a distressed red and charcoal grey table would be perfect for another. Go with what you love and you can’t go wrong.”

Maybe you’ve seen colorful statement pieces in the past, but have been worried about venturing into more bold decor. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start. Williams recommends starting small by switching out or adding small accent pieces to test the waters. Be sure to use a color you’re drawn to. You also might try a more muted version of a color, or mix colorful pieces with neutral colors like black, natural reclaimed word, or warm brown wood.

“I had a customer a few years back who was making a life change and moving to a new home,” said Williams. “She decided on a fantastic seven-foot-long 100 year old antique cabinet painted a beautiful shade of blue, as well as a few accessories to tie in.

“She pointed to a natural brown wood cabinet in the store and said ‘That’s the piece I always choose, the safe color. My friend encouraged me to go outside my box and get the piece I love.’ She called us and few hours later and sent photos of the cabinet in her new home. She’s since moved again—and the cabinet moved with her, remaining a statement piece in her home.”

In fact, blue is a trending color, and has been for several years. Surprisingly, blue can be a great, if unexpected, neutral—much like denim jeans.

“Try shades of aqua, teal and turquoise,” said Williams. “Try adding blue in furniture and accessories and enjoy the difference it will make in your home.”

Crow Trading is located at 1208 J St. in downtown Modesto and is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It’s the perfect shop for furniture, accessories and gifts as cool and unique as you are.

Wood You Look at That: Tile Trends

If you’re looking to re-tile your house—from the floors to the backsplashes—you might consider an interesting contender: wood grain tile. This authentic-looking tile is the largest selling category in the industry and goes perfectly with looks ranging from rustic to clean and modern.

“Wood grain tile is growing in popularity as it gives a very warm feeling like wood, while also being durable, water resistant, and is easy to maintain,” said Donovan Adrian, Owner of Premier Tile and Stone.

Decor trends keep edging further and further into colorful and minimalist designs that are both classy and simple—and wood does this well. With a plethora of textures, like chipped edges, saw marks, and hand scraping, wood provides a wealth of options.

When it comes to trends, often times the best way to go is back. Try out a few unique retro or vintage styles—like vaporized wood which has a more pronounced grain. And it’s not just wood that’s trending. Old favorites like subway tile are perfect for backsplashes and wainscoting in bathrooms. And you can never discount granite as a trendy contender.

“When using a natural pattern, such as earth-made granite, using a simple backsplash design allows the natural beauty of the granite to be the main focal point,” said Adrian. “When using a calm, man-made pattern like quartz for your countertops, a more decorative backsplash can be the attention grabber—especially when adding a glass or stone accent.”

In addition, quartz is becoming more and more popular in time due to its beauty, durability, and low maintenance needs. It exceeds the durability of granite or concrete by resisting cracks and chips. Although quartz is still a natural stone, there are polymer resins mixed in with it, making it more consistent throughout the slab. It is non-porous, making it stain-resistant and you don’t even have to seal it! Properly maintaining quartz is as easy as using warm water and mild soap. Overall, the convenience of quartz is what makes this stone an easy choice.

One local provider of premier tiling and stone is none other than, of course, Premier Tile and Stone. They carry tile, stone, waterproof flooring, hardwood, carpet, laminate, and cabinets. And they supply a variety of options so you can be sure to get the selection you want, as well as free estimates to install the material in your house.



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