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Story Update: Saving Bunnies, One Article at a Time

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.01.36 PMBY ALEX CANTATORE

Contentment Health’s recent story “The Real Story of Abandoned Easter Bunnies” (p. 38-39, March/April 2015) has gone global, thanks to the support of the rabbit community.

Randy Koga, founder of Trinket’s Memorial Rabbit Sanctuary, has received more than $800 in donations due to the Contentment Health article. He’s also received several phone calls from individuals interested in helping out, or adopting rabbits.

But most importantly, Koga says, the article has raised awareness that rabbits are not a starter pet – and certainly not a good Easter present.

“It tells the dilemma of the Easter rabbits,” Koga said. “It’s a wonderful thing for us.”

The article has been spread throughout the rabbit community, reaching as far as Canada and the United Kingdom. Tens of thousands of people have viewed the article online. And one woman in North Carolina has printed copies of the article to hand out around town.

For more information on adoptions, visit or call 209-589-1750. To donate, PayPal [email protected]

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