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Staying Clean in the Time of Drought Prime Shine Car Wash Offers Water Wise Washing

by Justin Souza
As the summer heats up in the Valley, more and more residents are paying attention to the big concern of the summer: water. Or, more specifically, the lack of it.

Reducing water consumption is something that every California citizen should be striving for. For some valley residents, that means cutting the water provided to gardens, lawns and landscaping; for others, it means taking more efficient showers; but for many, there’s one very simple way to reduce water consumption: switching how you approach washing
your car.

A recent Executive Order from California Governor Jerry Brown included the mandate that residents should patronize local carwashes that use recycled water as part of California’s State of Emergency.

“Washing your car at home is flat out less efficient than a professional wash,” said Evan Porges, Owner of Prime Shine Car Wash. According to Porges, the Modesto-based car wash chain has prioritized efficient water usage and recycling since it opened its first location in 1991. Today, all 14 of the car wash’s locations from Lodi to Merced (as well as two under-construction sites) are equipped with advanced reclamation and recycling systems.

“What you see when you go to a Prime Shine is the tip of an iceberg. Underneath every wash is a massive network of vaults and reclaim systems that settle out solids and reclaim good water to be used again,” said Porges. This contrasts strongly to the average home wash, which not only relies on 100% fresh water for every step but sends all runoff including dirt, chemicals and whatever else might have accumulated on your vehicle into the storm water system that leads to local rivers and streams.

Porges said that efficiency is built into the fabric of the company. “From day one, we’ve taken a very proactive approach to water as a best business practice,” he said. “Part of our vision for the company is growth. But that doesn’t just mean growing locations, it means growing our sustainable aquabusiness activities and our relationship to the environment in terms of water and power.”

Prime Shine’s environmentally-focused business model extends beyond water usage, as well. The newest Prime Shine under construction in Turlock will offset around 30% of its power usage with an on-site solar power plant. As technology enables even greater efficiency in water and power usage, Porges said that Prime Shine will continue to reduce, reuse and recycle resources in order to help the community utilize its water and its power.

“It’s good business, but it’s also just the right thing to do,” said Porges.

To find out more about Prime Shine’s commitment to environmental responsibility
and to take a tour of how a Prime Shine Car Wash saves
water, visit savemoneysavetimesavewater.com.

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