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Spruce Up Your Man Cave With These Design Tips



You’ve got the pool table, the kegerator and the big screen, but does your man cave still feel like it’s missing something?

Take your man cave from meh to majestic with some tips on great design from veteran interior designer Sonja Knutsen.

Design to be Bulletproof

Great man caves have one thing in common: rugged usability. Knutsen says her aim is to make sure everything in the room is bulletproof. That is, everything from furniture to furnishings to carpet should be able to stand up to tough daily use and still look good.

“Make it sturdy and make it easy to clean up,” said Knutsen. “I’ve always liked using outdoor fabric indoors and now there are even outdoor chenilles that you can pour straight bleach on and it won’t take the color out. After you’re done throwing around beers in the man cave, you can basically just hose it out.”

Consider Scale

“Scale is crucial,” said Knutsen. A very tall man might be happier with that deep, plush sofa, but his smaller wife would be swimming in it. “You’ve got to compromise and make it functional for everyone who will use it.”

Considering scale also means taking the size and shape of the room (or rest of the house) into account before you buy furniture. It could save you a big hassle, as well as some money. “People don’t understand that it’s easy to make a big fat hairy mistake that could easily be avoided. That $5,000 sofa that doesn’t fit in your room is expensive!”

Bring in Color

“You can make such an impact with a gallon of paint,” said Knutsen. “It’s the least expensive way to change any living space!”

Knutsen advises choosing bolder colors for a man cave than you would normally. But before you start slapping just any color on the wall, do yourself a favor: look in your closet first. “Almost everyone’s favorite color is something they wear and look good in,” said Knutsen, and what goes for threads also goes for rooms. “I look good wearing warm tones, so I make sure my walls look like that, too. You just want to look the best in your environment.”

Hire a Professional

For dedicated DIYers, hiring a designer may feel like cheating, but it might just end up saving you time and money. Not to mention give you access to a wider range of products and experience.

“To me, the function of the designer is to give people unusual things to select from,” said Knutsen. Some of the innovative materials she has used recently in man caves includes a fabulous crocodile tile utilized as flooring.

Knutsen warns that the last stage of the job isn’t the right time to defer to expertise, though. “If you’re going to hire, the sooner the better. It’s best to do it right the first time. A lot of times when I get invited to help people, I have to fix a screw up. It is so much better to just avoid the whole situation.”

Ultimately, Knutsen said that whatever direction you go with your man cave, have fun with it. “It’s so personal. It’s supposed to be a fun thing when you’re doing a project like this.”

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