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Springtime Fun

By Noel Daniel

As the weather starts to warm up, it gets more and more tempting to go outside and play. But where to go once you’ve all loaded up in the car? If it’s a staycation you have in mind, then you’re in luck—we have four local hot spots that are fun for the whole family!

Boomers is one of Modesto’s biggest names and values in family fun. Take the disco-themed Spin Zone Bumper Cars out for a whirl, with music, lights, and all the fun of classic bumper cars with an added twist. There’s also the Flame Thrower, an exhilarating two-person thrill-ride that goes up, down, and around. And you can’t miss the batting cages, the bumper boats, lazer tag, the rock wall, or the miniature golf!

Feeling hungry? Pile on the pizza, hot dogs, chicken tenders, chicken wings, corn dogs, or hamburgers. Or you can stock up on snacks like french fries, nachos, pretzels, or popcorn. For a sweet treat to wrap things up, try some funnel cake, churros, cotton candy, Dippin’ Dots, or a refreshing ICEE.

Sign up for the Discount Club to get a new Boomers coupon every month.  Visit their website at www.boomersparks. com/modesto.

Fun Works
Fun is even  in the name at FUNWORKS! With specials on Tuesdays to buy one, get one free extreme wristband to a handful of party options, FUNWORKS! has been bringing joy to the Central Valley region for years.

Check out their Highway 66 Bowling, Putt-Putt Golf, Freddy’s Tree House, The Pizza Company, or the Splashworks Pirate Ride—a thrilling, high-seas battle. There’s also the XD Theater, a motion simulator thrill ride that transcends time, space, and imagination. Whether you want to take a roller coaster through the desert, or trek through the African Safari, the XD Theater can make it happen for only $6.25 a ride.

Groups of every size are welcome, from corporate parties to family functions, and there are countless specials on Groupon to check. Visit for more information.

Rockin’ Jump
If you’re looking for family fun with more exercise, then bring your best bouncing socks on down to Rockin’ Jump, a large open trampoline area with a rock wall, a dodge ball arena and an X-Beam battledome.

When planning a trip to Rockin’ Jump, it’s advised that you visit the website and book a jump time to avoid crowds and sold out times. Weekends and holidays are very busy, so look before you leap! Also, check in fifteen minutes before your scheduled jump time, and have your waiver completed before arriving to the park. This can be done at

For weekly specials, check in on Wednesdays—two hours for the price of one at $11 an hour! Larger events can be planned Monday through Thursday for less crowding. And they do sell socks for $2.25, which you can keep and bring back on future visits.

Escape Modesto
The lights have dimmed. You and nine other captives are locked in a room you’re not familiar with. Symbols, foreign words and numbers are scrawled along the walls. These and the occasional item are your only clues to escape. A voice crackles through a speaker: You have only 60 minutes. 60 minutes to crack codes, answer riddles, and solve puzzles. Will you make it out?

If this sounds exciting, then you’re in luck—because ESCAPE Modesto is not only a quality entertainment experience, but it also has three rooms for you to choose from! The first is King Tut’s Treasure, wherein you and a group of treasure hunters stumble upon the teenaged king’s tomb, but are sealed in when the door closes behind you. Your goal is to escape with the treasures, or else perish due to lack of oxygen.

The second room is harder. Prison Break involves a storyline wherein you and your friends have been framed. You’ve been locked in a maximum security prison and await your wrongful execution. You only have one hour before the prison guards return, so look carefully and you just might make it.

The third is a CSI investigation, and the room involves a detective’s office, a crime scene, and puts you in the shoes of the investigators. So do you think you’re up to the task? Visit for more info.

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