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Seniors and Strength Training

By Gitaine Reis, In-Shape Health Clubs

Strength training helps build muscles and endurance. It also increases mobility and range of motion. Small changes in muscle strength can make a big difference in performing everyday activities. Carrying groceries, walking upstairs, and lifting your grandchild can become easier with time.

In order to build muscle, you will need to use weights or resistance bands. This type of equipment can be found in any of our health clubs. It’s important to find a weight that is not too heavy because you don’t want to injure yourself. You should also find a weight that is not too light because you won’t build muscle if you don’t challenge yourself. Resistance bands come in various strengths—start with the easiest ones and work your way up as your strength increases.

Once you find your correct weights or resistance band, you should focus on working your major muscle groups. This includes your legs, arms, and core muscles. Try to do exercises with these muscles two or more days per week for about 30 minutes at a time. Muscle soreness and fatigue is normal at first and may last for a full day. If the soreness persists, consider using a lighter weight or taking more rest days.

To continue to build muscle, don’t be afraid to use heavier weights as the exercises become too easy for you. Slowly increase your weight to challenge yourself. The stronger you become, the more you will be able to do with your body. Good mobility and range of motion allows you the freedom to move without risking injuries. You will be more stable and less prone to falls. Having more strength can also help you avoid injuries since you are able to control your body better.

Strength training is very important for people of all ages and the benefits are substantial. Seniors should consider adding strength training to their exercise routine to improve their muscles, endurance, mobility and range of motion. It is our muscles that help us perform our everyday activities and if we exercise them we may be able to accomplish more. If you need help starting a strength training routine, one of our personal trainers at In-Shape Health Clubs would be happy to help. Start building those muscles today!


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