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Self-Talk, Medicine For The Soul

As children, our generation was taught how to speak to others. We were taught to say please and thank you and, depending on our culture, whether or not we were to make direct eye contact when speaking with adults.  We were encouraged to say nice things about others and not to badmouth anyone. We were also told how to speak about ourselves, being certain not to be boastful.


How many of us were taught, as children, how to speak to ourselves?  As you wake in the morning what are the words that fill your head?  Are they positive, encouraging, grateful and supportive of who you believe you are?  Or are they more of a critical nature?

While teaching communication classes at the University, I asked my students to go into their bathroom, first thing in the morning, and look directly into their own eyes while looking into the mirror.  They were encouraged to say: Good Morning Gorgeous or Good Morning Handsome. I urged them to continue this action until they could do so without feeling self-conscious or laughing out loud. When they were able to do this they were ready to have a productive conversation with themselves on a daily basis.

By looking into your own eyes you are addressing your very soul.  It is while looking into your own eyes, with love and adoration, that you can derive the most effective support for your own wellbeing.  If you can have such supportive conversations with yourself, then what occurs in your physical and emotional environments has less negative affect on your psychic. Such intimate discussions with self, result in sustained health and wellbeing.  Make it a practice. Have this conversation with yourself first thing in the morning and just before going to bed.  I guarantee!  It will change your life.

To help you with this task, there is a Touch Technique that can be applied to assist in this process of self-talk. The process includes: Saying, aloud, positive affirmations while activating your Thymus gland. that gland is located in the upper part of your chest (see image).

It was once believed that the Thymus had no practical function.  It is now believed to be the command center for our immune system.  It is like the cockpit in an airplane. The function of your Thymus, therefore, is to regulate your immune system. It is the Thymus gland that, when kept in a healthy balance, directly affects your overall wellbeing.


Touch Technique Instructions
By following the Touch Technique instructions below you will assist in maintaining a healthy, well-balanced Thymus Gland.
Upon rising each day, select from this or another list of Positive Affirmations the appropriate ones for you.  (Start with three or four.)  If none of these appeals to you, you can make up your own.  Be sure to keep them short.

As you say aloud each affirmation, tap your Thymus three times with the fingers of your right hand. Then hold the palm of your opened right hand over your navel for a count of three.  Doing so, you will have entered your supportive thoughts and saved them.

When you have completed this Touch Technique, having said your affirmations aloud, take a few minutes to experience your supportive state of mind.  Then hold those thoughts throughout your day; believing that it is so.

Remember.  Self-talk can be healthful medicine for your soul.   It all depends upon what messages you are selecting to send.


*Roberta T.  Anderson, PhD is a Health Care Consultant and Certified Acupressurist. She is the transformational author of the soon to be published “LOVING HANDS: Touch Techniques to Activate Healing Energy”. Roberta conducts individual and group healing sessions using touch techniques and energy balancing methods that she developed from her vast experience in and knowledge of wellness modalities. Roberta can be reached at [email protected] Further information about her Touch Techniques can be found on her Web Site: www.healthcareconnection.com

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