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Restaurant Guide: Redwood Café


By Noel Daniel

If you’ve been searching for a restaurant that’s the perfect blend of atmosphere and gourmet cuisine and you haven’t been to Redwood Café, then you should start making dinner plans.

Perfect for a date, a night out, or even a casually elegant lunch, Redwood Café is just as ponderous with style as it is with delicious food options. The restaurant is decorated with a focus on interesting lighting and fire elements, and also boasts a beautifully lush garden that’s hosted many weddings, celebrations, fundraisers, and other events that make lasting memories.

halibut-2“Making people happy is my goal,” says owner and prime restaurateur Bob Campana. “Not just my customers, but my staff. I want the team to be happy to come to work. It’s the vibe. People can sense it, and if it is good, you know it. It starts with the smile as you are greeted by the hostess, and extends to your waitstaff.”

Campana expresses that they always strive to make their food with “love and care.” This includes customer favorites like the pork schnitzel with the potato fritter and the bacon mushroom sauce or the fan-favorite shrimp and grits.

“The public has so many choices [of venues],” explains Campana about placing importance on the experience. “If you cannot create a unique experience, forget it. We have been at it at Redwood for almost four years and it is really taking off.”

This is one restaurant whose menu you don’t want to miss. They offer everything from the Stanislaus Steakbomb—thinly sliced sirloin with sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers and provolone on a french roll—to the mouthwatering Red Wine Braised Short Ribs Pizza—garlic cream sauce, Fiscalini purple moon and house blend cheeses pickles red onions, horseradish, creme fraiche, and fresh parsley.

The Redwood Café opened February 2012 at the Vintage Gardens, a premier Central Valley event venue and catering company. Since then, they’ve elegantly remodeled the old Bracco Family farmhouse for their restaurant. Their aim was to exemplify the warm and residential feeling of California living, giving it a comfortable yet elegant feel.

Redwood Cafe - Burgundy - Straight-2For more information, visit their physical location at 4342 Dale Rd., Modesto, call 209-545-9248, or visit their website at www.Redwood-Cafe.com.

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