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New Years Eve Party for Kids

By Connor Duewell

It’s that time of year again! The excitement and stresses of the Holidays are coming to an end, and all that’s left is the one big night of celebration: New Year’s Eve. You’ve got the balloons, the champaign, the glasses–everything you need to ring in the new year, except…

What about the kids? They can’t just sit in their rooms doing nothing while the adults party, but how can we make sure the kiddos are having as much fun as their parents?

One easy way to get the kids into the spirit of the holiday is to make festive New Year’s hats for the family to wear. There are plenty of printable templates online. Simply fold some great hats, and if all else fails (say, your printer ran out of ink?), kids themselves are fountains of creative energy, so with a piece of paper, some fun colors, and a bit of confetti for decorating, the family can each have their own fun, personalized party hat!

Now that you’re dressed for the occasion, you can really get the party started with some games! A classic family favorite is charades! Pop some of your children’s favorite movies, music, and shows in a bowl, then take turns acting them out while everyone tries to guess who or what it is!

Another great idea is to grab an empty box, decorate it together, then have everyone write a letter to their future selves about what resolutions they want to make or what they hope the new year has in store for them! Once everyone is done with their letters, you just put them in the box, and when New Year’s Eve arrives next year, the box can be opened and everyone can read what they wrote to themselves!

When at last all of the games have been played and the night is coming to an end, a quick flip to the ball drop with some sparkling cider and some pots and pans for banging to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne” will round off the perfect New Year’s Eve for the whole family to remember for years to come. Try to catch the 9 p.m. showing for kiddos with earlier bedtimes!

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