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New Year, Healthier You

By Noel Daniel

For many of us, there’s a running narrative in our heads: We’ll change on Monday. We’ll start eating better next month. We’ll be healthier on some arbitrary date that’s supposedly just symbolic enough to herald a tough change in our lives.

The New Year is full of rationale like this—but don’t let yourself be a victim of health-nut fatigue. Start your changes now, and make them with the intention of being healthier and happier for a lifetime.

“A good time to start working out is right now, as soon as you can,” encourages Kelly Frederick of My Personal Trainer. “Do not procrastinate! Be realistic about your weight loss and start early in your goal setting to succeed in your weight Loss. If it is 10 to 15 pounds, you should give yourself eight to 12 weeks of consistent dedication and staying focused on your weight loss plan.”

So how do you go about making a fitness plan that works for you?


A difficult hurdle that is most common is setting goals too high and being too hard on yourself day-to-day about your new goals. It is all a mindset, and you need to keep positive people around you. Seek out people that have similar goals. Kelly also advises that you read or look up motivational speakers like Les Brown, Mel Robbins, and Brendon Burchard to name a few.

“Long term goals for a healthier lifestyle are good, but you must try to write down two small goals a day on a sticky note and keep it with you through the day until you complete your written goal that day,” Kelly said. “Always have a plan B prepared if things go another direction with your A plan for the day. We all know that happens too often.”

Moreover, don’t beat yourself up about not being perfect. Make a goal to live a healthy lifestyle 80 percent of the time and then forgive yourself for that 20 percent where you might get distracted.


Find a regimen that you can feasibly find yourself enjoying and looking forward to doing. Don’t force yourself to do something you’ll hate! If you do something you love to do, you’ll be more successful in your goal.

Work in cardio for at least 30 minutes and some type of weight training for a minimum of 20 minutes, three times a week. Kelly also recommends that you learn about your workout “ZONE,” as this will help you to get the right guidelines for a safe and successful workout regimen. Call Kelly to get help calculating your workout ZONE as she is an invaluable guide to fitness knowledge and successful weight loss.


Diet is most important: a healthy body is made in the kitchen, after all! Learn about how whole foods work best for you. Prep your meals for the week—you can even make it fun by having a Food Prep Party with friends! And do your best to swear off fast food.

“Keep lots of fresh veggies and fruits in your fridge,” said Kelly. “Always have some healthy snacks with you through the day, healthy emergency food always works well. No alcohol on the weekdays. Clean out your fridge and pantry. And don’t fool yourself by hiding the cookies—you’ll find them.”


1. Start today, not on Monday.

2. Increase your daily water intake.

3. Find a workout partner that has somewhat of the same goals and energy level.

4. Educate yourself and find what keeps you motivated.

5. Stay positive and never be too hard on yourself about not meeting all your goals.

For more information about My Personal Trainer, contact Kelly Frederick at 209-499-3125 or visit

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