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Modesto Porchfest: Free Community Afternoon Music

By Noel Daniel

Modesto’s burgeoning music community is one that’s been blooming for decades now. Big names like Grandaddy, Built Like Alaska, and Francesca Bavaro found a home in Modesto once—and may still to this day. This integral part of our culture would be so much harder to maintain without the people who fight to keep it thriving: people like Kate Trompetter.

This year is the inaugural year of Modesto’s Porchfest, a grassroots, community-focused afternoon full to bursting with local music that will span over 30 porches in the La Loma, College, and Downtown neighborhoods. There will be over 40 performers featuring talents like À La Lune, Patty Castillo Davis, Francesca Bavaro, Built like Alaska and The Nines, to name a few.

The idea of a free, city-wide musical bonanza is brilliant—and Trompetter agreed. She was inspired by a Porchfest in Napa, in fact.


“I had friends who went to Napa last year,” said Trompetter. “In an attempt to get me to visit, they told me about Napa Porchfest and I loved the concept.”

The idea took proper form while Trompetter was talking to two other women who work Mod Shop with her—Co-Producers Tricia Rosenow and Ruhi Sheikh. They all agreed that this community needs to be intentional about creating new and inventive ways to elevate and highlight what we already have going on. And what better way than showcasing local talents across the city?

“We have beautiful neighborhoods and a vibrant music scene,” said Trompetter. “Anything we can do to provide our area with the confidence to make people feel proud of where they live.”

Printable maps and band lineups will be available a week before the event. The acts have purposefully been staggered so that, if you want to see multiple acts, you can. Just get on your bike, put your kids in a wagon, and enjoy the music. And don’t forget to head downtown as the afternoon winds down for local food and shopping.

For more information about Modesto’s Porchfest, visit

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