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MJC Offers Fun, Budget-Friendly Fitness

By Jacqui D. Sinarle
Costs of Community Education classes can
vary from class to class, but are designed
never to bust your budget.

Fitness, Dance and Activity Classes
Average from $29-$79

Monthly MAAC Swimming
$38 with discounts available for 4-month
or annual enrollment

Blue Tide Competitive Swimming
$55 month for beginners
$95 per month for seniors.

The first time Traci Yazembiak attended a fitness class at MJC, she barely made it through. But she didn’t let sore muscles and sweat stop her from coming back a week later. It’s been two years since that, and she’s never looked back.

“After I enrolled in 2012, I was hooked,” Yazembiak explains. “The benefit of that first eightweek session wasn’t inches or pounds or even tone—it was an improved state of being and overall health.” And as she continued to exercise with Modesto Junior College, Yazembiak enjoyed two more benefits: she’s lost 20 pounds and almost two dress sizes.

Whether you want to learn a new sport, increase your aerobic routine or prepare for a race, chances are that Modesto Junior College has a fun and budget-friendly fitness class for you.

“We offer classes for all ages, from Mommy and Me Yoga designed for new mothers and toddlers to Zumba Gold tailored for retirement-aged adults,” says Angela Vizcarra, MJC Community Education administrative secretary. The Community Education curriculum includes everything from Golf for Beginners to Cardio Line Dancing, T’ai-Chi to Belly dancing.

Vizcarra suggests newcomers try classes led by Bill and Ann Edwards, accredited American College of Sports Medicine health fitness specialists and certified personal trainers. “They are fun and engaging, and participants in their classes support and encourage each other,” she explains. “It’s one thing to work your butt off in an exercise class, but to be able to have fun while you’re at it is a huge plus in my book!”

In addition to offering swim classes, MJC is home to Blue Tide Aquatics, a competitive swim program for kids, and the Modesto Area Aquatic Club, a popular fitness and competitive swim program for adults. And there’s something new every semester.

“This semester, we have two new water exercise classes, Aquacize It and Aqua Zumba,” Vizcarra notes. “Water exercise can be ideal for individuals with arthritis, back problems or joint injuries.”

While Kids’ T-ball, Shaolin Kung Fu, Hip Hop Dance and Diving courses are often offered throughout the year, the largest selection of classes for children is scheduled in the summer.

“Each summer the classes change,” says Pat Brennan, community education specialist. this summer we also offered Cheer-N-Dance, Tumbling, Golf for Kids, Court Sports, Track, Field and Fun, Softball and Basketball Camp. In addition to these classes, MJC football coach Sam Young offers Football Summer Camps and MJC basketball coach Paul Brogan offers Summer Basketball for Boys and Girls.”

Don’t see the class you have in mind? MJC encourages prospective instructors, coaches, trainers and class participants to submit their ideas.

“There is something for every budget, and best of all there are no long-term contracts,” Vizcarra says. “While we are part of MJC, Community Education classes are not-for-credit, and are fully funded by the registration fees we collect.” You don’t need to be an MJC student to take a Community Education class, either.

“I encourage everyone to try the fitness classes at MJC,” Yazembiak says. “Exercise affects your state of mind. Take a class and get to know the people—you gain friends, supporters, and as an added benefit, you can lose pounds and inches, get toned, and most of all, improve your overall health!”

But take note: as with any activity, it’s recommend that participants consult their health care providers prior to beginning a program.

You can also register by calling (209) 575-6063 or in person at the Community Education office.

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