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Military Micro Machines

By Alex CantatoreJuly_August_Final_SeniorIssue_web

P-51s, B-52s, and just about every other letter number military aircraft you can think of were recently on display in Turlock. But these historical warplanes were much smaller than you might expect – they were all models, built and flown by the Turlock R/C Club’s members.

These amazingly detailed model airplanes took over the Turlock Airpark on May 9 for the Turlock R/C Club’s Second Annual Warbird Fly-In. Each military model features handcrafted, vintage touches, from artwork on the nose cone to drybrushed “soot” trailing from the exhaust.

These planes aren’t just for show – all of the participating aircraft took to the skies, flying complex aerobatics near Highway 99 and Lander Avenue.

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