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Meet Me at the Barre


By Anne Marie H. Bergthold

Turlock has a new option for defining your physique. Co-owners Stacy Aguila and Amy Radcliffe have opened Barre Defined, the first barre fitness studio in the Central Valley.

“We had not been able to locate this type of fitness or the overall experience we were looking for, so we decided to create it,” Aguila explained. She describes barre fitness as “a total body, low impact, yet extremely challenging workout that is named for the wall-mounted bar used for balance during class. Barre is based on principles of Pilates, yoga, strength training and dance conditioning with an emphasis on core strength. We focus on strength, balance and flexibility in each class.”

And they make it clear there is no need to have prior experience in barre, ballet, or dance. While a wall- mounted ballet barre is used as a prop for resistance training, the classes do not include dance moves. Radcliffe enthusiastically encourages those who are curious about this unique fitness style to try it.

Radcliffe defines barre as functional fitness and something anyone can do. If you can hold on to the bar, you can do barre. Classes are very challenging, but their instructors are specifically trained to offer modifications for any fitness level.

“Barre will improve posture, can rehabilitate injuries, improve athletic performance and is safe for pregnancy and postpartum,” said Radcliffe. “We emphasize ‘strength, then stretch,’ meaning you work your muscles to exhaustion then follow with a deep therapeutic stretch. This helps keep the muscles pliable and elongates them, giving that long, lean dancer’s look.”

CHMay_189-1The co-owners are also certified instructors. Aguila says,

“We were trained and certified by Exhale’s® barre teacher training and were taught by the founders of the nationally-acclaimed Core Fusion brand,” Aguila said. “We’ve created our barre classes with an emphasis on staying true to the roots of barre with an emphasis on proper form and alignment to give our clients the highest quality workout possible.”

The motto of the fitness studio is “Define your Body. Define your Goals. Define your Life.” Aguila elaborates, stating that fitness isn’t just about what’s on the surface. It takes persistence, patience and practice to achieve any goal. They want to surround themselves with and build a tribe of supportive, non-judgmental people who encourage each other to strive for strength, balance, and flexibility both inside the studio and at home.”

“As you develop the discipline and mental resilience it takes to get through the toughest barre classes, we hope clients can carry that focus and dedication into their everyday lives to help achieve whatever goals they’ve defined for themselves,” Aguila said. “We want people to strive to be their best, but allow themselves the flexibility to fully enjoy life!”


Barre Defined is located at 2241 Geer Rd. in Turlock. For more information, or to purchase their Grand Opening special, go to barredefinedturlock.com

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