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Living a Nutritional Life

nutritionallife1By Noel Daniel

Nutrition can be the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle. For those who aren’t used to preparing healthy food, the first few attempts can taste not-so-great and seem like they’re not worth the time. Some are even stuck in jobs that leave them with very little time to prepare delicious meals that they’ll actually want to eat.

Most people have heard of meal prepping— the act of preparing a week’s worth of meals before the week’s begun for convenience’s sake. But have you heard of purchasing local, pre-made meals, healthy and fresh from the kitchen?

There are many local meal prep businesses, and Honeycomb Meal Prepping is one of the more delicious and varied options.“I follow the Rainbow Diet,” explains owner Leah Imanil. “All meals are vibrant and colorful, packed with nutrients and the majority of the produce is organic.”

Imanil rotates between fish— either fresh caught tilapia or salmon—, chicken breast, lean turkey, or lean beef. Imanil’s meals are perfect for meat lovers, pescatarians, or even vegetarians and are made with different types of simple and complex carbs like sweet potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, lentils, and beans.

And she doesn’t just prep meals— clients who request it can receive Macros (proteins/carbs/fats in grams) and a detailed workout routine at her other venture, Transcend Fitness. This is especially good for pairing with intense HIIT workouts and Boot Camp Style Cardiovascular training schedules. These perfect pairs and balanced schedules can be the boost that starters need.

“Meal prepping lets you feel a sense of control on a hectic Monday morning,” said Imanil. “When the rest of the world is skipping breakfast and starving for a quick drive-thru meal, you’ve already consumed an adequate amount of protein, fats, and carbs for the day – brain food.”

Not only is prepping healthy meals good for your brain, it’s good for your wallet, too. Meal prepping saves both money and time. Imanil is able to prep 20 meals in just two hours, all after spending about $30. These meals take her from Monday until Saturday to finish, and she restocks her stores on Sundays.

For those who’d rather prep their own meals, Imanil advises that you buy a journal and look up a list of good protein, fats, and carbs. You’ll also need a rice cooker, a small grill, like a panini press, and a casserole dish.

smoothieAn example she gave is for your proteins, you can choose chicken, lean turkey, and eggs. For fats, avocado, low carb sausage links, and cashews. For carbs, brown jasmine rice, low carb whole wheat tortillas, and mashed sweet potatoes. Finally, for greens you could choose spinach, steamed carrots, and broccoli. Once you have your list, mix and match meals to your satisfaction.

Always remain cognizant of portion sizes. For example, four to six ounces of protein would be balanced by one cup of greens and a half cup of carbs. Imanil highly recommends tracking macros and seeking the help of a certified trainer for assistance getting the sizes that are right for you. She also advises buying in bulk, getting plenty of reusable containers and investing in a food scale. Be sure to keep a fresh lemon wedge or some Sriracha handy for flavor.

If you’d rather order meals from an outside source, then Honeycomb Meal Prepping might be perfect for you. Imanil’s meals are varied, delicious, and almost all organic. In fact, Imanil’s favorite meal to prep is Jamaican jerk chicken, brown rice, pineapple, and green beans.

“Just because you are eating healthy in no way does it mean you have to have flavorless boiled chicken and rice,” Imanil said. “I always doctor my meals up so they’re full of flavor, spicy and— again— colorful. Sometimes, I add light coconut milk to my rice in addition to the water, or I will add red beans and garnish it with cilantro.”

But her favorite meal to eat is her morning powerhouse protein shake, which includes vanilla bean whey, all natural peanut butter, steel cut oats, coconut oil, and more.

“I alternate between this and my Chicken Apple Sausage and scrambled eggs breakfast,” says Imanil. “With this breakfast I add organic spinach, organic potatoes, all natural parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions and garlic scrambled in with two organic brown eggs. I typically train one to two times per day at Transcend, so meal prepping and fueling my body is very important.”

Where to Start?


Want to give Imanil’s diet a try? Here’s the recipe for her Powerhouse Protein Shake, and it’s guaranteed to get you through your day.

Powerhouse Protien Shake
2 scoops of Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Bean Whey
1 scoop of MacroLife Macro Greens
1/4 cup of steel cut oats
1/2 cup of blueberries
1 frozen banana
1 tbs. of organic coconut oil
1 tbs. of low-sodium, all natural peanut butter
– Add cold water

And for the die-hard healthy eating fans, try out one of Imanil’s examples of a nutritious day. Add a fresh lemon wedge or some Sriracha for more variety.

1 link, 2 eggs, spinach, and a whole wheat tortilla

Lean Turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, steamed carrots

Grilled chicken, brown rice, broccoli

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