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Inspiring Spaces: Greens on Tenth

By Elisa Hutsell

Greens Market has always been known for their gorgeous displays of delectable, artisan foods.

Always fresh and bright fruits, soups, salads, and sandwiches with wholesome ingredients. But it’s not just their fare that has high visual appeal. With the recent renovation to their building, Greens on Tenth has become the place to be.

Greens on Tenth has had several meeting and event spaces that are available to rent for special occasions and conferences with accommodations for media presentations. There is the brick room, which can seat 80 people; the wine cellar, which can seat 50; and the Mezzanine, which can seat another 50. Food, beverage, and bar services are available for all areas, but what really takes the cake is the new space which can house over 400 guests at a time.

High ceilings, wide open spaces, brick walls, and a spattering of lights makes the new renovation quite industrial. Among the more unique features are the neo-rustic chandeliers hanging from the ceiling made of rope, as well as the old-style sconces along the back wall. Standing in front of the windows, along the front end of the business, is a seating area for guests to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere amid the hustle and bustle of a massive event; so even if you’re not one for a big crowd, you can still take part in the festivities.

Walking through the rest of Greens on Tenth, there is no lack of inventive, expressive spaces. From the main entry hall with its sophisticated marble and colored glass, to the rich, earthy tones that run throughout the massive building, Greens on Tenth is definitely the place to be to have a Grilled Fiscalini Cheddar and soak in  the atmosphere.

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