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Hidden Talents: Keith Boggs


People normally know me as a… Bureaucrat. I am a high visibility part of the public sector machine, and am definitely NOT your daddy’s bureaucrat. 2 parts high energy, 3 parts focus and all parts dedicated to the people and the issues that impact our communities.

But what they don’t know is that I am a… practicing artist, musician/songwriter and writer. I am Tiehead. Tiehead is my nickname coined by my family as a silly reminder that Keith is an artist at heart.

I got started with my hidden talent when… (like) Forever! Being creative is simply who I am. I have always looked at projects, problems (and opportunities) with an oddball sensibility that has served me very well. Within the machine, I believe that is my most powerful contribution.

And someday I hope to… Start a non-profit focused on youth mentoring and development. I started a very successful employee mentor program with Stanislaus County 14 years ago and it has become a real passion of mine. As we near 20,000 hours of employee mentor hours it is a constant reminder of the love and investment that our employees feel for their community.

The last book I read was… “How: Why HOW we do Anything Means Everything”, Dov Seidman. These days reading is a big part of my work so my recreational reading is slowed to ten or so books annually. My typical read is something to do with leadership, management and improving/changing culture. I am an organizational theory junkie.

People can see me perform at… various locations…. I have shown my paintings at several regional galleries including the Mistlin and continue to sell my work on commission. You can check out my ponderings (art, design and music) on my website at tiehead.com

I also enjoy… My family. I am married to the smartest girl in the world. She is my glue and my inspiration. My kids are brilliant and motivated (they take after their mum:)

Want to get started in… ? Just start by… Being creative is a frame of mind. I truly believe that creativity is a balance between insecurity and confidence. A willingness to expose self. Risk. Resiliency. Speaking UP and knowing that when things break, you can always pick up the pieces, start anew and learn from the experience. Getting started is simple: start by believing in those around you and most importantly… in yourself.

If you have a hidden talent, submit to [email protected].

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