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Hidden Talents: Pierre Noghli

PEOPLE NORMALLY KNOW ME AS…Hidden Talents | Drum (25 of 30)

A hairdresser and owner of Pierre’s Hair Studio in Modesto.

I have also been a professional musician for 40 years. I’ve traveled around the world, playing drums in Japan, New Zealand, and Europe with most famous Persian and Assyrian musicians.

Most people in the music world don’t know that I am also successful in the hair industry. I do hair in Modesto and also in Southern California; I spend every other week at Cush Salon in Beverly Hills.

I GOT STARTED WITH MY HIDDEN TALENT WHEN…I was inspired by my uncle Robert Noghli, a famous Assyrian drummer, who first showed me the basic patterns for playing.

To most people in the music world, doing hair is my hidden talent. I got started when my uncle’s ex-wife asked for a ride to beauty school. There were all these pretty girls there, and I was 18, so I thought I wanted to go to school there. I thought it could be a job to fall back on if music didn’t work out.

AND SOMEDAY I HOPE TO…This is a very interesting question because what I hope is not personal. What I hope is to be able to help so that one day my Assyrian Nation can live safe and have our own country. This is my only hope.

Riding my motorcycles on PCH, and most of all I enjoy spending time with my beautiful daughter.

To do hair, go to beauty school. It’s hard, maybe 5 percent of students actually become hairdressers. Most quit.

For drums, I didn’t learn the right way. You should take lessons. Dave Hawkes is a great teacher in this area.

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