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Grow Your Own Mushrooms for Flavor and Nutrition

By Jacqui D. Sinarle

There’s something magical about mushrooms.

Usually a food that’s so naturally delicious is devoid of nutrition, or vice versa. Not so with mushrooms, which are packed with both flavor and health properties.

And Donnie Creekmore knows the secret to growing them in your own home: his MyCO2 mushroom kit.

“Growing mushrooms with the kit is a piece of cake!” Creekmore said. “My children — ages three and five — have even used the kit to grow mushrooms in our home kitchen.”

When Creekmore first tried growing fungi eight years ago, he was rewarded with seven pounds of beautiful blue oyster mushrooms, which inspired him to take a mushroom cultivation seminar and launch Fungivore Mushrooms with his wife, Nikki.

Initially they sold certified organic mushrooms to chefs and farmers markets, but it wasn’t long before Creekmore invented MyCO2, the world’s first customer activated mushroom grow kit/CO2 generator combination. It’s been such a hit that today MyCO2 is distributed around the world.

“The most important feature of MyCO2 is customer activation because it not only provides a stable four-month shelf life, it also produces a more consistent CO2 output, allows time for international distribution and provides a ‘plant the seed and watch it grow’ experience not available with previous mushroom grow kits,” said Creekmore. “MyCO2 is certified organic, cradle-to-grave sustainable, made in the USA with industrial waste flow agri-products, compostable, and recyclable.”

All the consumer needs to do is remove the clip separating the mushroom culture from the sterile food source, mix them together, and watch the mushrooms grow!

“We have two kits, one for growing blue oyster mushrooms and one for reishi mushrooms, both of which are highly medicinal,” Creekmore said.

“Oyster mushrooms have been shown to inhibit a wide range of gram-negative bacteria, including salmonella and pseudomonas, as well as E. coli and staph bacteria,” Creekmore explained. “They are rich in protein, plentiful in B vitamins, have no cholesterol, and possess significant levels of the cholesterol-lowering molecule lovastatin. The best part is that they are delicious!”

While reishi mushrooms have no culinary value, they are rich in medicinal properties and are often made into capsules; steeped for tea; or dried, powdered and added to fruit smoothies.

“Reishi mushrooms contain strong antioxidants that protect the body from the negative effects of free radicals created by daily exposure to the sun, chemicals, and pollutants,” Creekmore said. “They are proven to boost the immune system, especially when taken with other antioxidants. It is believed that reishi mushrooms can suppress the growth of cancerous tumors, and they may also reduce the effects of asthma and other respiratory conditions, build respiratory strength and curb a cough.”

Reishi have anti-inflammatory properties that may combat Alzheimer’s and heart disease, and reishi supplements may reduce the pain that accompanies inflammatory conditions like neuralgia and arthritis. “Reishi can also improve the flow of blood to the heart and reduce the amount of oxygen the heart consumes, help lower cholesterol, and combat high blood pressure.”

While the Creekmores eat more mushrooms than the average family, they stick to those that organically grown.

“The power to grow your own food is beyond financial savings,” Creekmore observed. “It’s the only way to ensure what you’re putting into your body is fresh, organic, pure, and grown with love. We are what we eat, so it makes sense to take the power of production into our own hands as much as possible.”

MyCO2 mushroom kits are sold by online stores and local garden supply/hydroponics supply stores (find one by visiting or, enter your zip code and use the retail location search engine).

For information about Fungivore Mushrooms, visit

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