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Get Organized in 2019


A new year is just around the corner. If you’re looking to start the new year refreshed and organized, we’re here to help. After a few weeks of going through the decluttering process ourselves, we’re happy to have compiled a few of our favorite ways to get organized—and stay organized—for the upcoming year.

Let’s begin!

First, Your Routine: Creating It and Maintaining It

As 2018 winds down, devote a little time each week to clearing out the junk that has accumulated in your life. Building this type of regularity into your schedule seems minimal, but actually has a big impact. Trust us, it works.

If you devote an entire day to a quick-fix sort of solution to your clutter, you will get tired, frustrated, and burnt out. It’s very rare for anybody to have the time, energy, or focus to revamp their life within a mere eight hours. It is much easier— and smarter— to spend a few minutes (or if you’re extremely motivated hours) each week on a single space. So set that alert on your calendar and schedule a regular date to simply organize and prepare yourself for the upcoming year.

The more mindful you are with maintaining this appointment, the easier it will be to continue being organized throughout the year.

Start Slow, Steady, and Small

Remember, the best way to get organized and stay organized is to start slowly and tackle one space at a time. This makes integrating your newly de-cluttered space into your life easier. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start by simply taking a look around you and asking yourself, “What irritates me the most?” Tackling initial annoyances can help relax your mind, maintain your focus, and motivate you to begin the next organization project. When it comes to lifestyle upgrades and new routines, the small victories are what will keep you going.

For example, if one of your sources of stress and clutter is the kitchen, start with what’s visible to you. Tackle your cluttered countertop. Determine your must-have spices, tools, or appliances and put away the rest. Once you conquer a single improvement, you will be motivated to continue until your entire space is organized and clutter-free.


Compartmentalize Like a Pro

Part of the reason your space has devolved into a state of disarray could be the lack of storage and overall separation of your items. Everything should have a spot to call their own. This year, set yourself up for success and physically separate your cluttered items.

Sort your paper clips and push pins into little containers or simply separate your pens from your pencils. Give these knick knacks a space to call their own. This easy update ensures everything has a place and stays in its place. It also reinforces how your space should and could be maintained within your own mind.

A common area that gets overlooked is the home office. If you’re starting small and tackling visible clutter first, ask yourself, “What is getting in the way of my workflow right now?” Is it that growing pile of mail, invoices, and notes in the corner of your desk? Sort through the clutter slowly and organize using hanging files and folders. After this is organized, clearly label your files accordingly, and store away. As more important documents arrive throughout the upcoming year, they now have their own space and storage to go to, leaving your desk clear and ready for work.

Purge Fully, Completely, and Often

As you’re decluttering and working towards an organized routine, it is inevitable that you will be letting some items go. There will be certain appliances, accessories, or articles of clothing that you’re planning on parting with. Donate these items, give them to a friend, or put them into storage if they have strong sentimental value. As you make these decisions, follow through and completely finish the process.

Never let unnecessary bags or boxes of items accumulate and sit waiting to be donated, delivered, or stored. With each newly organized space, fully finish the project and purge immediately. This step will not only give you a sense of finality and accomplishment, but it will ensure that your space is free of any unnecessary items.

One space that consistently accumulates unnecessary items can be the closet. The difficulty with organizing a closet (especially your closet!) is just that – it’s your closet! All the items have been handpicked and curated by you. Don’t get overwhelmed. With each article of clothing, ask yourself, “Have I worn this within the last year?” If you haven’t, then consider donating, giving them to a friend, or storing them.

Finally, Learn from the Clutter and Move Forward

The opportunity of the upcoming year is too good to overlook. This is your chance to sort through the mess of the past 365 days and figure out how to make your next days better.


If you let it, the act of organizing can be a truly cathartic experience – so don’t hesitate. Create your routine, stick with it, and make 2019 your year.

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