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A Fusion of Color Artist Louise Bogetti


At Surla’s Restaurant in Modesto, diners come for the food, but they often stay for the art. And incredibly, the lush, vibrant pieces adorning the walls of this local hotspot are the work of only one talented local artist: Louise Bogetti.

Bogetti has studied and worked in a variety of media including watercolor, oil, encaustic and acrylic. She also has a background in graphic design and photography. Her signature style of bold strokes, applied with a brush or pallet knife, is immediately recognizable. It has been noted that Bogetti’s style, instead of being tied to a subject matter, is identifiable by the way she moves the paint on the canvas.

The Bogetti pieces collected at Surla’s Restaurant are very eclectic, which reflects Bogetti’s creative process. The pieces currently displayed in the bar area were done after a vacation in the tropics which inspired her to work in rich blues and gold. In contrast, the paintings featured in the Surla’s banquet room have an earthy, mineral feel.

Bogetti explains that she chose to work in acrylic paint for the pieces for Surla’s because acrylics afford “the freedom to add all kinds of different elements to get different textures.”

Her process for creating commissioned pieces is to first visit the client’s home or business. In order to provide the freedom to explore the subject, a prerequisite of her commissioned work is to not be tied to a very specific subject. Rather, clients can give her directions by setting the parameters of size and color palette. Visiting the space is an integral part of the process and she will often take blank canvases of different shapes and sizes with her in order to get a feel for the dimensions of the art that the space could allow. Bogetti acknowledges that “art is very personal” and thus she typically has an agreement with the client that if they are not happy with thefinal result then they are not obligated to purchase the commissioned piece. Additionally, she often creates two to three pieces for each commissioned work and will let the client choose his or her favorite.

People are often surprised to learn that the pieces on display at Surla’s Restaurant were created by the same artist. Bogetti is constantly trying new techniques in order to avoid becoming stagnant. Lately, she has been working with tools as diverse as encaustic oil—essentially hot wax filled with rich pigments—and blow torches. She is also a member of the prestigious Oil Painters of America and American Women Artists organizations. As an artist, Bogetti focuses on what she desires to express, rather than trying to predict what is going to be popular. “I paint for myself,” says Bogetti, adding that she has reached a place in her art where she’s at peace with that stance. By painting for herself, she has transformed blank canvases into works that are visually engaging with their implied movement and fusion of color.

Surla’s Restaurant is located at 431 12th Street, Modesto. For hours, go to

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