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A Fresh Take on Fine Dining: DEWZ Under New Ownership

Photos by Robert Merritt

By Noel Daniel
Spring is often a time of renewal—and this spring, DEWZ underwent a big change. After twenty years of operation under the Aspesi family, John Jacinto took up their mantle of excellence in food and service.

Jacinto is also a local entrepreneur, having founded Vistech Manufacturing Solutions, and is presently the president and chief executive officer. So of course he’d recognize how important it is to keep DEWZ favorites like the Caesar salad and Angus New York steak with its cheese butter crust!

Local entrepreneur, John Jacinto.

But there will be a few newcomers, as 40 lucky diners found out on Apr. 19. Our Creative Director, David Boring, attended the exclusive event with his wife, Judy Boring, and sampled some of the bold new steps DEWZ is making. For the event, Jacinto detailed his vision for the changes in meticulous detail, sharing his insights as someone who always looked for inspiration.

One of the additions to the list is a house-made pasta that will vary day to day and feature anything from fettuccine to ravioli. There will also be new appetizers, like a rich salmon tartar. By far the most attention-grabbing addition is the strawberry and green tea parfait. This whimsical addition is layers of green tea mousse and strawberries that are topped with a black sesame brittle, mint, and flowers.

New food options at DEWZ.

And while you’re dining, feel free to take in the artistic endeavors of local artist Robert Merritt, whose paintings alone might be worth a visit. The beautifully-executed, multi-layer, and ethereal art pieces are sure to engage many future conversations at DEWZ.

For more information about DEWZ, call 209-549-1101 or visit 1505 J St., Modesto.

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