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DIY: Wrapping Presents

By Connor Duewell

The season of giving is here again, which means it’s time to brush up on our gift wrapping techniques!

The first–and possibly the most important–step is to make sure that your wrapping paper is the right size. If the paper is too small it won’t cover the gift, but if it’s too big, your present will look bulky. However, for the most part, your wrapping paper should be roughly one and a half times the width and three or four times the height. If in doubt, try rolling the gift in the paper to make sure the paper is enough to cover it completely!



The next step is to be sure that the folds of the wrapping paper are all on the bottom so that when the presents are lying under the tree the folds are nowhere to be seen. To do this, we have to start by putting the gift facing down on the wrapping paper, so we can fold the paper around onto the bottom. Corner by corner, fold the paper down, and tape it into place on the bottom side of the gift. For cleaner lines, try folding the ends of your paper in just before you tape them.



Now that the actual wrapping is finished, it’s time to polish off the perfect gift with some ribbon and a bow! Start by running the ribbon along the top length of the box, flip it over, and have the two ends of the ribbon meet in the middle on the bottom. Move the two ribbons around each other so that they run the opposite way along the width of the box, and tape them down where they meet up back on the front!




Polish off your present with a decorative bow or two and a tag with the recipient’s name, and there you have it! A present wrapped so perfectly that the family will call you a pro!

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