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DIY: Valentine’s Day

By Jordan Severns

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for our annual freak out about how to best show that special someone how much they mean to us.

Well freak out no longer, because compiled here is a short list of DIY gift ideas that are sweet, affordable, and offer room to add that ever-so-important personal touch.

Backlit Photo in Mason Jar

For this all-purpose gift, you’ll need a mason jar, the small electronic light source of your choice (such as a small string of lights), a romantic picture of you and your significant other, and some transparent glue. Simply paste the photo to the inside of the jar, light it from behind, and voila! Your treasured memory will sparkle forever in your heart and in the jar.

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

For the gift-giver low on funds, materials, and time, buying your loved one’s favorite tea and cutting the bags into hearts is an easy way to show you care. It’s practical, too, because in the end your better half gets a cup of tea. Pair it with an afternoon and some tea-time treats for added fl air. Two birds, one scone?

Scrabble Word Art

Want to show that nerd or a lover of words in your life that you care? Impress them with a high-scoring piece of word art using the pieces from a Scrabble game! Glue the tiles down onto cardboard or some durable paper, place them in a frame, and profess your love in a delightfully geeky way. Just try not to think about the board game that was sacrificed along the way. Sometimes antique stores will stock spare Scrabble tiles, though, so be sure to check there, first!

Wooden Heart Coaster

Simply get your hands on a thin, round piece of wood and (safely!) carve your and your partner’s initials like you would in a real, live tree, then decorate accordingly. All the permanence and romanticism of the beloved gesture, resting in the comfort of your living room!

Stamped Cookies

The most classic way to the heart is through the sweet tooth, so why not personalize this time tested Valentine’s Day gift? First, bake your beloved a batch of their favorite cookies. Then, using clean rubber stamps dabbed with food coloring, add a meaningful phrase or image that will fi ll the recipient’s hearts while they’re filling their bellies. This works with (dried) frosted or unfrosted cookies, so get creative!

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