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DIY Scrapbooking


Think that a scrapbook is just a glorified photo album?

Think again.

Scrapbooking is a unique form of found object storytelling. Each page captures an event, a moment in your history, a fleeting feeling.

Through collaged images, stenciled words, colors and patterned papers, a scrapbook becomes a historical document on par with any journal. It’s just a different way of capturing the past, an art form embraced by visual thinkers and historians.

So chronicle your own history. Create pages with photos, words, drawings and stickers. And before long, you’ll have a book of memories that you can flip through, a log of moments to share with friends, family, and future generations.


Theme Matters!
Pick an overarching theme for your book, then explore the moments of that theme on each page. Perhaps create a book devoted to your daughter’s wedding, with pages about walking down the aisle, saying “I do,” and taking that first dance.

A (Single) Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
Don’t go overboard. Use a single photo or image as the focal point of every page. Try matting the image with fun patterned paper to bring it to life! Or try using a color photo as your focal point, with black and white pictures to accent.

Make Your Own Accents
Try cutting, tearing, or punching out card stock to make fun accent shapes. Color the edges of the shape with a black pen to really make them pop. Incorporate ribbons into your designs, or envelopes to store fun notes.

Save those Scraps
Old newspaper and magazine clippings can set the tone for a page. Glue in a ticket stub to better remember an event, or part of a scorebook to remember an individual performance.

Less Can be More
Don’t feel like every page needs to be covered. Smart use of whitespace can make page elements really pop.

Need Inspiration?
Top 4 places to fins inspiration.

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