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DIY: Halloween Costumes

By Noel Daniel


Halloween has a way of sneaking up on us every year. Maybe there are some who’ll spend all year planning their costume, but somehow the holiday manages to catch many of us by surprise. Worry not, however. We’ve put together six great contenders for the whole family!

What? Honestly, you should’ve expected this one. Maybe you’ll get points for that vintage, devil-may-care vibe. At the very least, it only puts you back the price of a bedsheet. For a more avant-garde look, you can try any number of patterns. Who’s going to tell a ghost what to do?

We don’t normally advise embarking upon the path of dark magic—but witches are a very fashionable choice for a costume idea. A black dress, belt, and pointed hat should fit the bill. Black lipstick is also a nice touch. Blast some Eagles, pour some wine, and leave the candy bowl on the porch. Witches are beholden to no one.

Pick up plenty of red and yellow felt for this one, along with some blue shirts and your trusty hot glue gun. This fairly simple costume idea only requires a red felt cape, a red domino mask, and a cool logo made of layered red and yellow felt. Just hot glue your superhero sign to your blue shirt and you’re ready to fly.

This look is mostly makeup—and that Regency-era flair, of course. Nothing says “vampire” like gaunt cheeks, shadowed eyes, and thumbing your nose at the restrictions of the Georgian era with your short hair and frilly jabot. You might get a few people asking if you have consumption, but they just don’t understand how early you are to the neo-Victorian Gothic trend.

This one’s for those with furbabies who won’t hate you for including them in on the festivities. Just tuck a little bit of red felt under the back of their collar for a cloak that would strike fear in… well, probably no one. But the photos will be adorable.

Starbucks Cup
LaurDIY is known for her amazing life hacks, helpful tips, and cute DIY projects—her Starbucks cup costume is no different. Just print out a Starbucks logo onto printer paper, cut it out, and hot glue it onto a piece of black felt. Paint a paper towel roll green for your iconic straw, then grab a rectangular piece of white tulle, tying a smaller piece around it like a bow. Make four or five of these, then attach them to the top of a coffee-colored dress to be the whipped cream with hot glue. Once the straw is dry, shorten it and cut two slices to flatten it out so you’ll have surface area for the hot glue. Then affix it to the top of the dress, behind the whipped cream. Hot glue on your logo and you’re frappulous! Follow LaurDIY at

When it comes to costumes, there’s wrong answer. From bubble gum machines to “I’m still wearing pajamas because I can,” all that’s important is that your costume is comfortable for everyone and makes you happy. Have a great Halloween!

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