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DIY Garden Projects from “Okay” to “Oasis”

Let’s just be honest—when’s the last time your spring cleaning included your garden? When it comes to freshening up your greenery game, maybe you’re falling a bit behind. Fear not: we’ve found three ways to bring glam back into your garden.

Coffee Can Lights 
Plan a design, first mapping it out on paper and then taping it around the can. Punch small dots into the can with a nail, following the design you’ve chosen. Then, remove the paper and use other nails and screwdrivers to create holes of different shapes and sizes. To hang your can, thread a wire through two holes near the top of the can and secure it in the area of your choosing. Then just pop in candles!


• Coffee Cans
• Nails
• Wire
• Ball-Peen hammer
• Screwdrivers
• Candles

Coffee Can Plants 
Have a few spare coffee cans after our last experiment? Thankfully, this DIY is easiest of them all—and results in some really cute planters.

• Coffee Cans
• Soil
• Bulbs or Seeds


A Rainbow Of Chairs
Bring a splash of color to your outdoor space with these rainbow chairs! If your chairs happen to have cushions, prime them with Rustoleum primer, let them dry for 24 hours, and start painting. We recommend Krylon for the cleanest, smoothest coat.

• Outdoor Chairs
• Krylov Paints
• Rustoleum Primer

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