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Deck the Tree with Lights & More


By Noel Daniel

Maybe it’s your first year decorating a tree – or maybe it’s your tenth and you just want something new. There’s no set formula for decking the halls, but here are some tips that might make sprucing up your pines a little easier.

shutterstock_140240653First & most important is giving your tree that Christmas twinkle. There are many types of lights for Christmas trees, and their wires tend to come in one of two colors: White and green. What color you choose depends on the color of your tree’s pines.

For the best look, wind the lights around the largest branches starting from the bottom and moving up.

The best wrapping method depends on what type of light you choose. The fan favorites by far are the incandescent lights you see on most every tree during the holiday season and come in a rainbow of colors. A perk of using incandescent lights on real trees is the soft, piney smell the branches release when the lights warm them.

shutterstock_324149768After the lights, but before the ornaments, the tree still looks a little bare – and that’s where tinsel comes in. You can use either tinsel or garlands for this step, as both of them achieve the same effect.

When putting on tinsel, make sure not to pack it on too densely. Tinsel looks best when sparse and delicate. Never hang more than six strands per branch, and be sure to space them out.

For garlands, it all depends on the type. Thin garlands are meant for hanging from branch-to-branch while thicker garlands look best when loosely wrapped around the tree from top to bottom.

shutterstock_116685277Finally, it’s time to put up those ornaments you’ve been collecting over the years. Or maybe this year you’ve decided to color-coordinate. Whatever the case may be, you want to make sure that everyone sees the ones you’re most proud of. Hang your favorite ornaments where all your guests will see them.

To make sure that the tree doesn’t seem cluttered, make sure to space out larger ornaments. They take up a lot of space and it would be noticeable if they were all clumped together. Feel free to fill in the remaining spaces with the rest of your ornaments. The ones you’re keeping out of obligation can go in the back – we won’t tell.

When hanging the baubles, place them at various distances from the trunk. It will give your tree a more put-together look. You might also try some fake icicles to give the tree a wintery feel.

And just like that, you’re done! Treat yourself to some Hot Chocolate and a holiday special while you enjoy your stylishly decorated tree.



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