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Couture of the County: Something Blue Wedding Gift Guide

Sometimes it can be hard to buy for a wedding. Whether you’re the one putting it on, or you’re coming with gifts, we think the best idea is to look local. We stopped by Our Little Shop on Needham in Modesto to pick some great ideas to jumpstart your list.

Handmade Magnets
These magnets are great for a shared fridge. And you can contact Our Little Shop to work with the artist and make customized magnets with your and your partners’ names!

Flights and Coasters
These handmade coasters are perfect for a bottle of local beer and a sampling flight for your friends. Pour a frothy glass of Therapist Imperial IPA and unwind after a successful wedding party!

Miniature Journals
Why have a normal guestbook when you could have a collection of little ones? Let each guest fi ll out their own journal for a unique and memorable look.

Bridal Shower Sign
This sign is perfect for that upcoming bridal shower. Show attendees that you feel “showered with love!”

Our Little Shop
310 Needham Street
Modesto, California 95354
(209) 248-0395




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