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Cooking Class for Healthy Eaters


By Jacqui D.  Sinarle

Whether you want to learn to prepare delicious and healthy dishes or have someone make them for you, you can count on Fresh Express Meal Service for help.

“Unlike other meal prep services, we do not focus on ‘fitness food,’” explained Marisol Fernandez, who owns the business with Ana Garza. “We focus on introducing people to the idea that you do not have to sacrifice flavor in exchange for a nutritious meal. What makes us the happiest is when we can inspire customers to begin cooking for themselves, because at that point we have helped them make lifetime changes!”

Fresh Express is a weekly meal service. Clients order their meals and pick them up once a week. Meals are nutritionally balanced and properly proportioned to encourage healthy eating.

“The menu varies each week and we publish it every Thursday on Facebook,” Fernandez said. “On Tuesdays, clients receive premade weekly meals that are high in nutritional value and low in calories.”

Although Fernandez and Garza opened Fresh Express in November 2015, Fernandez is certified in fitness nutrition and has provided nutrition counseling and classes for several years. She and Ricardo Garcia co-own Full Force Personal Training, a personal training facility specializing in functional strength and movement where Fernandez runs the nutrition department and has helped many people achieve their weight and fitness goals.

DSC_2062“While working at Full Force, I realized that most people would eat healthfully if it were easy,” Fernandez observed. “Often during nutrition consultations, clients would jokingly say, ‘Can’t you just cook for me?’ and I realized there was a demand for this service.”

Fresh Express specializes in delicious sauces.

“We believe that sauces make the difference between eating just for fitness versus enjoying flavorful food,” Fernandez said. “Most of our meals come with some type of raw sauce that contains many micro-nutrients with cleansing and healing properties while being very low in calories.”

One example is a customer favorite: Thai stew over riced cauliflower.

“This dish is hearty, flavor-rich and packed with nutrients,” Fernandez noted. “People also love our chipotle barbecued chicken, which features a homemade spicy barbecue sauce that tastes like it’s out of a fast food bag but is actually nutrient-packed with all natural ingredients.”

There’s no commitment to the meal service  and clients can purchase as much or as little as they want.

“Some customers buy only a few breakfasts because that is the meal they struggle with,” Fernandez observed.

For people who’d like to learn to cook great tasting and healthy meals for themselves, Fernandez teaches a nutrition class and an eating clean cooking class.

“In the nutrition class, I discuss macro and micro nutrients, how food affects digestion and what foods to eat when,” Fernandez said. “Classes also include a nutritional outline to help clients plan meals on their own. In the hands-on cooking class I take what clients learned in the nutrition class and show them how to make meals that have lots of flavor with all natural ingredients.”

The nutrition class can be scheduled at any time, and the cooking class is provided within Fresh Express or Full Force at least four times a year.

“Our ultimate goal is to help people learn that flavorful and nutritious cooking and eating are possible,” Fernandez concluded. “Whether clients attend a nutrition or cooking class or order food directly from us, we are dedicated to meeting their needs at their convenience.”


For more information about Fresh Express, or to schedule a class, visit or email [email protected]

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