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It was only a few days until Christmas, and the 11 year old Taylor had a pile of presents under her mom’s tree, but she happily reported that it was not as large as the pile at her Dad’s house.

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healthIssue 13

BEST COSMETIC DENTIST: SCOTT D. WINTER, DDS 501 E. ORANGEBURG AVE., STE. A (209) 577-4616 | If you need to choose a dentist, the fates are smiling on you. Scott Winter, DDS is the CH reader pick for Stanislaus County’s best Cosmetic Dentist. Winter’s Orangeburg Ave. office in Modesto

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cover-story2healthIssue 6

Living the healthy lifestyle can help you find a long cancer-free life. Find our simple tips on finding this future.

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gluten free
healthIssue 5

As intolerance to grains grows, more people are choosing to go gluten-free. Find out how inside.

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Here Comes the Bride - And She’s Hungry! Eating for Special Events
healthIssue 4

Signe Darpinian gives you the skinny on staying skinny the healthy way.

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healthIssue 3

This spring, skip the meds and wash away your allergies the natural way.

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healthIssue 1

Kelly Caballero was 32 when she decided she needed to see a doctor about the symptoms she was having.

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