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  By Alex Cantatore Imagine waking up in a magnificent, massive handmade wooden lodge. Take a stroll to the deck, breathe in the clean mountain air, toll out a yoga mat, and stretch out with the trees as your neighbors. For years, that was Debbie Wolski’s dream. And now, it’s her

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By Anne Marie Bergthold If you’re a senior looking for an excuse to start walking, mark your calendar for Sept. 11. This year marks the twenty-fourth consecutive Senior Stride Fun Walk, a festive, healthy, educational event organized by the Modesto Rotary Club. Janine McClanahan, Modesto Rotary Club Secretary and Former President, attributes the enduring popularity

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Charlene Perry calls out the title. Papers shuffle as men and women flip through thick binders to find the right page of sheet music. And then, Jim Ingram’s Big Band busts into song – and dozens of fit, active seniors hit the dance floor.

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IN-SHAPE HEALTH CLUBS BY KATELYN GOYETTE   The valley is an abundant source of fruits and vegetables, but many are unaware of just how much is here. Just in the San Joaquin Valley alone, there are about 24 farms and 12 farmers markets. The great thing about living in the

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BY KATELYN GOYETTE Let’s be honest… every time you see an animal either at the zoo, on the television, in your neighbor’s backyard, or at the pound, you feel instantly drawn to love on it. It is in our nature as human beings to be drawn to these furry creatures

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BUDGET FRIENDLY CLASSES By Jacqui D. Sinarle Costs of Community Education classes can vary from class to class, but are designed never to bust your budget. Fitness, Dance and Activity Classes Average from $29-$79 Monthly MAAC Swimming $38 with discounts available for 4-month or annual enrollment Blue Tide Competitive Swimming

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Aaron West figured he was fairly fit.   He’d always been an athletic guy. The oldest of six, he and his parents and siblings were always active. Even into adulthood, West says he always made time to run and bike. And even into his 30s, he didn’t carry a lot

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Health, happiness and stress management are waiting in this story by Turlock High School writer Hanna Hundal.

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Follow Adrian Crane through these updates from the 2013 Everest Expedition

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