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From Kickstarter to a reality with Modesto’s Food Fix Truck. BY JUSTIN SOUZA A block from MJC’s East Campus, in a dusty parking lot next to a faded brick warehouse, a bright orange food truck is shaking up Stanislaus County’s culinary community. Welcome to the Food Fix Truck, Stanislaus County’s newest

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BY ALEX CANTATORE In a sleepy Turlock business park, anchored by an indoor shooting range and an industrial tool seller, a few local residents are brewing up a revolution. With four big beers and momentum booming, Turlock’s Sandude Brewing Co. could be the best-kept secret in the craft beer scene.

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With his scraggly beard, curling moustache and aquiline nose, Jim Harrelson looks the part of a whisky distiller. Tall and lanky, he’s calm even as he speaks with that specific kind of frenetic energy born of passion – about his decade of home brewing beer, about the “sea salt-forward” flavor of a really good Scotch. And, of course, about his family, who stand beside him in this unassuming warehouse on the outskirts of Modesto, decked out in matching Do Good Distillery t-shirts despite the November cold.

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The Queen Bean might call itself a Coffee House, but for the throngs of families, telecommuters, students, police officers and artists who patronize it every day, the Queen Bean is more like a coffee home.

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Camp 4 Wine Café By Haley Brown “Where do you want to eat tonight?” It’s that daunting question that leaves you scratching your head, reading Yelp reviews until your eyes hurt and then, after desperation sets in, leaves you eating frozen pizza instead of going out. Now, there’s nothing wrong

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The Family Recipes of Amalia’s Cocina By Nathan Lloyd Although they were never wealthy, the Portillos always had each other, and they had their garden, with its riches of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Amalia Portillo and her mother Maria bonded over bubbling pots, simmering fresh chili peppers and other home-grown

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These days, it’s not enough for a summer salad to be simply fresh, crisp and creamy. From utilizing unconventional ingredients and locally grown products to harmoniously balancing every facet of flavor from salty to sweet, sour to umami, a satisfying and memorable summer salad is nearly a work of fine

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At La Mo Café in Turlock, food is a family affair – often quite literally. The three co-owners, Gloria Smallwood, Brityn Butrick and Hillary Smith are a mother-daughter team who began the venture two and a half years ago as a side project. At the time, Smallwood and Butrick were

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by Dana Koster In spring, it seems you can’t drive ten miles in Stanislaus County without encountering an almond orchard in its pink-and-white blossomed glory. The sight of almond trees in bloom is part of what defines the region. But if you went to the Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market in

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