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BY KATELYN GOYETTE Let’s be honest… every time you see an animal either at the zoo, on the television, in your neighbor’s backyard, or at the pound, you feel instantly drawn to love on it. It is in our nature as human beings to be drawn to these furry creatures

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BY ALEX CANTATORE One day, way back in mid-90s, Mary Van Wormer was clicking along on her television when a strange new program came on. The screen was filled with images of happy, barking dogs. They jumped over gates, ran through tunnels, wove between poles, and climbed teeter-totters. “Dog agility,” the TV announcers

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by Kerri Johnson, In-Shape Health Clubs | Start with the right routine. To get the most from your summer fitness routine, be sure to choose the right exercises for the areas we hide all winter. For your lower abdomen, try hip lifts off of an exercise ball and leg

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When it comes to success stories, Stanislaus County has had more than its fair share. From movie stars and star directors to legendary athletes, our county has racked up plenty of cause to brag about our native sons and daughters over the last century. But when you think of inspirational

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by Dana Koster If you grew up in Stanislaus County and you’re between the ages of 6 and 96, chances are you went to Camp Jack Hazard, or know someone who did. Surrounded by a dense forest of conifer pines and soaring granite cliff faces, deep in the heart of

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