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5 Tips to Beat the Sneeze

By Noel Daniel

For as nice as it is for the weather to start warming up, it brings with it some itchy, red-eyed side effects. Allergy sufferers all through the Valley understand the price of living here. Although produce is delicious and fresh, it also means that pollen is plentiful—and can leave you with season-long allergies like you wouldn’t believe.

Thankfully, there are ways to reduce seasonal allergies’ debilitating effects. These quick remedies might not work as well for severe allergies—you’ll definitely need a doctor for that! But for those with slight sniffles, we’ve collected some tips to keep you (mostly) sneeze-free this season!

1. Use a HEPA Filter
HEPA, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are meant to trap 99 percent of microscopic particles in the air. You can find vacuums with HEPA filters, or even install HEPA filters in your vents. This can largely cut down on particulates in the air and help you breathe a little easier.

2. Cut it Off at the Pass
Take allergy medicine before you’re sick. At least one week before you know the season’s about to start, start taking your trusty medicine so that it’s in your system when it starts being bombarded with allergens.

3. Wash Your Bedding
We all love clean sheets—and it turns out, they’re great for beating allergies, too. Wash linens in hot water to kill mites (130 degrees Fahrenheit, recommended), and wash every one to two weeks. Then you can snuggle in the safety of knowing that sniffles aren’t lurking in the sheets.

4. Strip Down 
After being outside all day, you’re bound to collect pollen on your clothes, hair, and shoes. That’s why it’s best to change immediately once you’ve decided to stay in for the day. Also, night showers are recommended to rinse off allergens that would sneak into bed if you waited until the morning.

5. Eye-Water For Watering Eyes
Don’t cry! Itchy, irritated eyes are the worst, but saline eye drops have you covered. Wash pollen from your peppered peepers and feel the relief you’ve been waiting for. Of course, the best way to beat your allergies is to go to a doctor and get an official test to determine what you’re allergic to. Allergy shots are also available for those who choose to receive one. No matter what you choose, remember to bring tissues, stay hydrated, and and do your best to enjoy the California spring weather!

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