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New Year New You DIY: Motivational Boards

Have Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do?

Have resolutions you make every year? A motivation board is one proven way to inspire you to succeed. For some, it might seem tired to rebuild yourself, and so they decry the idea of “New Year, New You…” but a Motivation Board would change even the staunchest naysayer.

THE FIRST STEP is to pick what you want to be motivated for. You can choose any number of things! You can finally write that novel, finally get that big job in San Francisco, finally lose that weight, finally build that extra wing of the house — anything that you can measure in time and effort, you can make a Motivation Board for.

Some popular Motivation Board topics are for weight loss, team building advice and, surprisingly, keeping track of chores. The Motivation Board has many uses. Have you figured out yours yet? Hopefully so, because it’s time to start making it.

Hmm…What To Use

When Making Your Motivational Boards,

You can use any number of canvases –including an actual canvas! Popular options are poster board, cork board, dry erase boards, or photo boards. You can buy photo boards from Target, Amazon, or Etsy, or you can make your own with cardboard, fabric and ribbon. Some crafty people don’t use any of the above: They just use the wall!

Other supplies we might recommend getting are paint, clothespins, or post-it notes. The paint and ribbon are for gussying up the board while the clothespins and post-its
are commonly used for keeping track of tasks that can be measured — such as chores finished or pounds lost.

What To Decorate It With:

Anything and Everything that inspires you to do what you want to get done. For a health board, you can put up pictures of people exercising, your favorite running shoes, yoga poses, or that vacation destination that you’re getting ready for. Maybe even some pictures of your favorite healthy food, just to remind you that it’s not all bad.

You can also write quotes you find inspiring, or print them, or letter them with bubble paint. Find the words that most drive you to your goal, like “happiness,” “friendship,” or “health.” Maybe there are song lyrics that really get your blood pumping, or some advice for your own benefit, like “you don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to.”

And like I said earlier, try to find some measure of counting down until you’re finished. You can write them down and cross them off, or transition clothespins from one ribbon to another, or even just write your goals down and put a strike through them when you’re finished.

It’s your board — you can put anything on it. Fitness boards often have bikinis on them, but you can have anything from rewards to a workout calendar to money to reward yourself for finishing chores or knocking out word goals.

Now that you’ve got the idea, run out and grab the supplies! You can do whatever you set your mind to now. We believe in you.

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