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arts and cultureIssue 29

By Noel Daniel Modesto’s burgeoning music community is one that’s been blooming for decades now. Big names like Grandaddy, Built Like Alaska, and Francesca Bavaro found a home in Modesto once—and may still to this day. This integral part of our culture would be so much harder to maintain without

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arts and culturefeatured-art-and-cultureIssue 29

By Noel Daniel Not only is the Center a cultural and entertainment hub for the entire San Joaquin Valley, but it’s also a powerful economic engine for downtown Modesto. More than 200,000 people a year visit the Gallo Center and research tells us that more than 60 percent of those

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healthIssue 29

By Ashley Stinson It’s no hidden wisdom that life is stressful. Balancing all the demands in your life such as work, your significant other, children, pets, family, hobbies, daily activities, bills, and so on, can take a toll on you. As the stress builds, often your body reacts with physical

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Issue 29Travel

By Ashley Stinson The Valley heat can sometimes be overwhelming and leave you looking for somewhere to escape to. For times like these, a beach getaway might be just the thing, and Santa Cruz could be the perfect coastal day trip to give you a break. Santa Cruz boasts scenic

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contentmentIssue 29

By Ashley Stinson Outside play is one of the most important things for growing children, who need physical activities to help develop their sense of balance, location, healthy exercise habits, and social interaction.  Playgrounds serve a vital role in giving children a place where they can run, hide, climb, swing, and

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contentmentfeatured-contentmentIssue 29

By Noel Daniel To say that Modesto feels the iconic grief Don McLean must’ve felt so long ago—as he teetered on the cusp of musical change and dealt with the death of a music legend—almost doesn’t capture the heartbreaking hole that bassist Kevin Garcia’s passing left in lo-fi, indie rock

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healthIssue 28

May is national Bike Month. The weather’s perfect—why not bike? May has three big bike events that are perfect for those looking for the excuse to put the pedals to the mettle. BIKE TO WORK  If you’ve got a bike, take it to work on May 18 between 6:30 and

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featured-food-and-winefood and wineIssue 28

By Noel Daniel Being hungry in Stanislaus County is one of the best places to be. Even visitors from LA and the Bay Area flock to local establishments to curb their cravings. The Valley has some of the freshest foods and cooks up some classic comfort food on top of

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arts and culturefeatured-art-and-cultureIssue 28

By Noel Daniel Dr. John Mayer carries himself with the sort of stature and surety that only a man who has spent his life following his passions can. Although he is now the chairman of California State University, Stanislaus’ (CSUS) theatre program, he came of age some two thousand miles

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Issue 28pulse

By Noel Daniel Last year saw some tumult in quiet Turlock surrounding the Cipponeris and the customary Saturday morning slot of the Turlock Certified Farmers Market on Main Street. It was a move that infuriated many Turlockers, who followed the TCFM to the fairgrounds—but this year brought good news. On

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featured-pulseIssue 28pulse

By Noel Daniel  For many years, National Night Out has stood as a bastion of neighborhood safety and camaraderie. In fact, it’s one of the largest crime-prevention events in the county. What seems at first to be a simple block party is, in reality, one of our greatest defenses against

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contentmentIssue 28

By Noel Daniel The soft lowing of cattle and the fresh smell of country air complete that down-home, farmland feeling. Nestled in the rolling countryside south of Turlock is Top Line Milk Company, a sprawling dairy surrounded by nature and self-tended fields of winter grass. And they offer one of

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