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fitnesshealthIssue 32

By Noel Daniel For many of us, there’s a running narrative in our heads: We’ll change on Monday. We’ll start eating better next month. We’ll be healthier on some arbitrary date that’s supposedly just symbolic enough to herald a tough change in our lives. The New Year is full of

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Issue 32pulse

By Jordan Severns Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is on the horizon! If you, like so many others, find yourself hopelessly in love and hopelessly unsure how to show it, look no further! Here are a handful of date ideas that are certain to delight, providing the

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featured-pulseIssue 32pulse

By Jacqui D. Sinarle If you think no news is good news, then you’d better think again. The local residents who operate Positive Modesto News and HeyTurlock are determined to change your mind by providing feel-good stories, user friendly event calendars and interesting information that celebrates what’s good about our communities.

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featured-healthhealthIssue 32

By Noel Daniel In the trenches of unrelenting depression, PTSD, and other mental illnesses, hope can seem far away— if not entirely nonexistent. However, there exists a spark of light in a new, seemingly unorthodox treatment: Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Antidepressants can tend to be a hard sell. Most work by increasing

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1. AIRPORT BREAKFAST Fly high with a filling pancake breakfast and help support the Central California Valley Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force. This organization helps to preserve heritage military aircraft. You can find them and their pancake breakfast at the Modesto Airport on the second Saturday of every month.

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Issue 31Out and About

By Noel Daniel Power of the Purse is an inspiring luncheon and purse raffle presented by United Way Women’s Leadership Council. The event is used to celebrate the power of women to create a community supportive of women and children’s issues. Proceeds from the event benefit Graduation Coach, an academic

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Issue 31pulse

By Connor Duewell It’s that time of year again! The excitement and stresses of the Holidays are coming to an end, and all that’s left is the one big night of celebration: New Year’s Eve. You’ve got the balloons, the champaign, the glasses–everything you need to ring in the new

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food and wineIssue 31

 By Ashley Stinson Since the 1800s, oranges have been an essential flavor of the holiday season, alongside cloves and cinnamon. Although oranges have been cultivated in Asia for thousands of years, this bright little fruit only made it’s way across Europe in the 16th century. Europeans began to develop recipes

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arts and culturefeatured-art-and-cultureIssue 31

By Noel Daniel Modesto is a city of talent and power. In spite of its hardships, Modesto’s artistic heart continues to beat with a growing strength as the community comes together to enrich it. Mod Shop is just one of the many success stories that gives Modesto its well-crafted roots.

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contentmentfeatured-contentmentIssue 31

By Noel Daniel Maybe you’ve come across a very common ideology when it comes to cleaning: that is, that if you pick up one thing at a time, you can make a whole lot more progress than you’d think with significantly less effort than you’d expect. Sound familiar? You also

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healthIssue 31

By Noel Daniel The holidays are here and with them come the most indulgent dishes of the year. Plates of peanut brittle, toffee with nuts, peanut butter cookies and so much more. In fact, nuts are a huge hit around the holidays. But do you recall—one of the healthiest nuts

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DIYIssue 31pulse

By Connor Duewell The season of giving is here again, which means it’s time to brush up on our gift wrapping techniques! The first–and possibly the most important–step is to make sure that your wrapping paper is the right size. If the paper is too small it won’t cover the

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