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Oakdale Cowboy Museum main
aestheticsfeatured-aestheticsIssue 18

By Alex Cantatore In the old Southern Pacific Railroad station, in the heart of the “Cowboy capitol of the world,” sits the Oakdale Cowboy Museum.It’s a testament to men who worked the land, forged a community, fed the region, and made a name for Oakdale at rodeos across the nation. These real cowboys

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Mucha, Reverie, 1898, lithograph (variant 4)
arts and culturefeatured-art-and-cultureIssue 18

  By Anne Marie Bergthold “Alphonse Mucha is one of those artists who, for a long time, flew under the radar,” says Lisa McDermott, Director of the Carnegie Arts Center in Turlock.   While people might not recognize the name, many will recognize what McDermott describes as “elegant, beautiful, swirling compositions” as the

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Dr Wu main issue 18
featured-healthhealthIssue 18

    By Alex Cantatore Tammy Wu stood up in her sixth grade classroom. In broken English, she recited a sentence she’d memorized: ” I want to go to an Ivy League school and become a physician.”   At the time, it seemed like a pipe dream for the Taiwan-born immigrant.

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In-Shape_ issue 18
fitnesshealthIssue 18

By Gitaine Reis & Angel Chere, In-Shape Health Clubs The kids are going back to school, and it’s time for you to go back to class too! Regularly schedules group exercise classes can ve a great addition to your daily workouts.   The average group exercise class can burn 140 to

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Football Concussions main
featured-healthhealthIssue 18

  By Alex Cantatore It all started with a seemingly simple freshman English assignment at Modesto’s Gregory High School: Write about a goal, a dream of yours.   Some kids wrote about getting bigger muscles. Others wrote about getting rich. Most were standard high schooler dreams, in short. But Dominic Barandica’s essay

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Valley Yoga main health issue 18
featured-fitnessfitnessIssue 18

  By Alex Cantatore Imagine waking up in a magnificent, massive handmade wooden lodge. Take a stroll to the deck, breathe in the clean mountain air, toll out a yoga mat, and stretch out with the trees as your neighbors. For years, that was Debbie Wolski’s dream. And now, it’s her

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Past Articles

mabel wong - pulse
contentfeatured-pulseIssue 17pulse

By Alex Cantatore   When Mabel Wong was 10, her mother saw a poster at work. It advertised a new youth golf program, The First Tee of Central Valley, which promised to teach its students valuable life skills — and how to play the game, of course. Eight years later, Wong, of Oakdale, is now

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food and wineIssue 17

It’s finally summer. Local stores are bursting with plenty of beautiful California grown fruits and vegetables to choose from. So much variety can make selection kind of overwhelming. Let us help. Eggplant is an underrated “fruit” and it is the perfect superfood to accompany your workouts and healthy lifestyle.

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Hidden Talents | Drum (25 of 30)
featured-hidden-talentshidden talentsIssue 17

People normally know me as a hairdresser and owner of Pierre’s Hair Studio in Modesto. What they don’t know is that I have also been a professional musician for 40 years. I’ve traveled around the world, playing drums in Japan, New Zealand, and Europe with most famous Persian and Assyrian musicians.

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Soaps By Hailey July 2015
contentIssue 17

Average 16-year-olds spend their free time chasing boys, playing video games, and generally avoiding homework.

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NICU Nurse  July 2015
contentfeatured-contentmentIssue 17

But after chance landed Brenda Goates in the NICU as a patient, she did everything she could to come back — as a nurse. And now, more than 20 years later, her twin daughters hope to soon work alongside their mother in the same unit that saved their lives.

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Senior Dance  July 2015
featured-fitnessfitnessIssue 17

Charlene Perry calls out the title. Papers shuffle as men and women flip through thick binders to find the right page of sheet music. And then, Jim Ingram’s Big Band busts into song – and dozens of fit, active seniors hit the dance floor.

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