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arts and cultureIssue 20

By Noel Daniel You may find it hard to believe that New York Times best selling-artist Ethen Beavers is from Modesto. He’s worked on Samurai Jack, the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Little Golden book, and of course, The New York Times bestselling series, N.E.R.D.S. So how did this

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fitnesshealthIssue 20

By Noel Daniel Harold Peterson retired two and a half years ago, planning to finally experience the world after years of working. Last July, he went on a motorhome trip – but something was off. He wasn’t feeling great, but wrote it off as malaise from the trip. Then he

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fitnessIssue 20

By Jacqui D. Sinarle Helping people change their lives with exercise is what Vincent Wilson is all about. Throughout his 35 years as a personal trainer, Wilson has helped everyone from family members and friends to movie stars and celebrities to achieve their fitness goals. Recently he even helped Joli

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Issue 20

1. Lily Tomlin You may have seen her in Netflix’s series Grace & Frankie, acting opposite Jane Fonda. Lily Tomlin is a performer of many talents, and stands as one of America’s foremost comediennes. Tomlin has branched out into a myriad of media, ranging from television and theatre to motion

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Issue 20Out and About

Somewhere between family and work, the volunteers of Murals in Motown find time to inspire positive change wherever they can in Modesto— and that’s exactly what they did at the Gallo Center for the Arts on Nov. 5. The Finger Painting Face-Off features Modesto’s most influential people in a Finger

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hidden talent
featured-hidden-talentshidden talentsIssue 20

PEOPLE NORMALLY KNOW ME AS… A graphic designer, artist, truth-teller, spiritual seeker, and highly intuitive person. BUT WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW IS THAT… I love to play with fire! I’m a flow artist and fire spinner. The term “flow arts” refers to a movement-based art form that integrates dance and

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cover-storyIssue 19

Your favorite stops are getting the recognition they deserve! These winners of Contentment Health’s Second Annual Reader’s Vote were hand-picked by you. These businesses are the best of the best, so make sure to comb through. You might find some old favorites or stumble on new ones. What are you

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View More: http://riponphotography.pass.us/in-shape-wintershoot
fitnessIssue 19

By Gitaine Reis & Angel Chere – In-Shape Health Clubs Having a healthy lifestyle can be difficult in your daily routine. Unexpected things happen that could cause us to skip  gym, or even grab fast food for breakfast. Incorporating an In-Shape Attitude into your life can be one of the easiest ways to stay healthy, even when the unknown

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featured-fitnessfitnessIssue 19

By Noel Daniel It’s easy to gain weight during the holidays,between all the stress, the limited time, and the preponderance of delicious baked goods. The biggest question is what can you do to stay as healthy as possible while the rich and decadent holidays are bearing down? “It’s all about moderation and balancing your

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Issue 19pulse

Elf the Musical If you’re looking to start your holiday season with a sprinkle of funny, don’t miss “Elf the Musical” in its two-day debut to the Gallo Center for the Arts on Nov. 17 and 18. The musical follows the strange tale of Buddy, an orphaned child who ends up at the North Pole after

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capturedIssue 19

The days are getting colder, and soon this little bee will take up shelter in her hive. Before she goes, though, she’ll make one last round on the Diablo Grande Golf Course.

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hidden talentsIssue 19Uncategorized

PEOPLE NORMALLY KNOW ME AS… the IT Analyst that promotes accessibility on campus. I do a lot of training and education about the Accessible Technology Initiative to remove barriers to success caused by inaccessible technology. BUT WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW IS THAT I… that I’m a Steampunk fan. Steampunk is a mashup of science

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